Bye 2010, Hi 2011

New year, new start! This concept even applies to blog! Did some changes to the background, header and footer. ;)

New Year resolution:
1) Eat less: no ice-cream and reduce chocolate-related-products intake. No biscuit and reduce bread intake. Hmm..
2) Work more: Time to move my lazy butt. Badminton and swimming anyone? Fanxu??
3) Play hard: OH YEAH. Play when you are still young! Live like there’s no tomorrow! (But for the moment, i shall reduce pou-ing by a little first before i regenerate my energy fully. lol)
4) Study smart: No more freaking out at eleventh hour. :D

By the way, received few more birthday presents before 2010 ends~ <3


Birthday celebration together with other coursemates. YES, CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE from SECRET RECIPE again. I had encountered the same cake for like… 3 times in December itself! *bulge eyes*. It is my all-time-favourite Secret Recipe cake but now i’m having a mild phobia towards it already. @.@

DSC05235DSC05241 DSC05242

Necklace from Daphenie, phone charm from Mandy and earrings from Sheen Yeen. The phone charm is so Yi Ting-ish! My Chinese last name + Pink + Treble clef~<3.. Same thing goes to the ribbon bow earrings.. Drop dead chiooooo~ aww~ :P


Lil gathering with primary school friend @ McD Kota Kemuning. :)

As for New Year eve, spent time with my KK kaki-s and our day started with lunch at here:


Woot. Gonna be our new yamcha place already. Obviously can cause less burden to my poor poor wallet.  Kiss goodbye to Old Town! Hua hua hua…!!!

Later, cheap bowing @ The Summit but it is not very cheap since it is a public holiday. Gah. Seriously, this public holiday make no big difference on me. I only have 2 hours of classes to attend! And now they have to be crammed in between our hectic timetable starting on Week3…which is obviously SADDENING! My countdown plans are subjected to changes at last minute. Have both pros and cons lar. :S

DSC05252Sheen Yeen has this typical pattern whenever she plays bowling. :P

Real things started at night after grocery shopping in Carrefour @ Kota Kemuning: self-made dinner at Jacky’s house! Burn the kitchen we shall do! *evil smirk* 

Bunch of teenagers (oops. no longer are, i suppose?) kelam kabut in kitchen to satisfy their appetite. :D


Item 1: Mayo-egg sandwich! Yes yes i got contribute to this! Although the main role of mine in this whole food-preparing process was actually food-photographer and, DEFINITELY, food-stealer. Photos below are taken by me me me! since Mandy’s DSLR named Lulu was just too irresistible. XD

Untitled-1 copy

Item no.2: Tomato sauce-egg sandwich. Not exactly an item, anyway. As such kind of weird food was only of one person’s serving, which was non other than the Weird Queen, Mandy Chong. Ewwwwwwww~ :P

P1050933  Item no.3: Spaghetti i.e the main course. Thanks to our laziness. :P


Item no.4: Hot dogs prepared by Men Men Mandy Chong~


Item no.5: Garlic bread! Credits to CKK. This is also the main food i steal. LOL.

Sheen Yeen and Julia during garlic bread preparation.


Item no.6: fried egg from our leng lui chef, Men men! (LOL she did most of the cooking part XD)

Item no.7: Mushroom soup~ Yummm yumm.


Item no.8: Drinks. That milo obviously belonged to the Milo Queen a.k.a Mandy Chong the weirdo. XD

Had our dinner with the movie “Takers” but the movie is serious b-o-r-i-n-g. Gah. I gave up after 30minutes (or less) and started to Facebook (again. lifeless i know) by hiding Mandy’s laptop under the table. @_@ Sorry la. Really couldn’t stand. Perhaps animation like Rapunzel and Toy Story 3 are more to my type. XD

The ever-exciting climax of the night:



For them la. I don’t play this. Haha. So i ended wasting up the battery of both Mandy’s and my laptops, doing pointless things.

Like these:Picture0010

Sheen Yeen + Me = 白痴二人组 :P


Mandy joined the fun! lol.

Picture0017Picture0016Picture0009  Take turn to be big head monsters. Rwarrrr~

Counted down together with Taiwan TV station via Astro. LOL. And had my first nap in 2011 after blowing water @ Mamakandar for awhile.

So here comes 2011. I’M TWENTY (20 20 20 20 20) ALREADY OMIGOSH I CANT ACCEPT THIS ALTHOUGH IT IS UNOFFICIAL BECAUSE I WAS OFFICIALLY 19 JUST FEW DAYS AGO BUT STILL OMG OMG OMG *dramatic banging head to the wall*. Sigh. I want my teenage life. Nevermind. I’m still leading a teenage life anyway. Damn the number “2” in front my age is just another digit. Who cares. Bwahaha.

New year wish:

1. Shun shun li li (顺顺利利) pass my 1st year without supplements or retain (!!!) because i need that long break. lol.

2. Vacations with all my darlings~ :)

3. Diet plan works. lol.

4. Grab a scholarship because continuous pou-ing is making me poor.

5. Get a boyfriend. No, this is not in the list. For the sake of making 5 items in my wishlish because 4 is not a good number. Come on, is not that you will get a boyfriend when you want a boyfriend. Get the meaning? It’s all about fate. Being single is not as miserable as it sounds la. Amboi.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;)