When you are, nineteen~

Oh My Gosh~ I had just bid farewell to my teenage years! That’s so unbelievable… I still miss being a child. Hohoho. Anyway, growth is irreversible so we shall look at our future instead of reminiscing the past…. or whatever. :P

Thanks a bunch to all the fabulous people in my life! Of course i know you all not only sayang me on my birthday but always so. Hahahahaha~

Got dragged out by the fanxu gang members to night market (Tee Yi Ting i thought you went there last week???). Almost complete fanxu gang outing as Hoon is not around. Nevertheless, it was still satisfying much! Initially 8 (EIGHT!) of us tried to fit into 1 (ONE) car and it made us started laughing and giggling while competing for oxygen in sardin-fish position. Yet it only lasted for few minutes before we get to lend another car from senior. :P

The marathon started with food-hunting in pasar malam as usual, stuffing food into my mouth although i kept saying “NO I DOWAN TO EAT CZ I BRUSHED AND FLOSSED MY TEETH”. You guys’ fault for tempting me… *overwhelmed with guiltiness*. Nevertheless, squeezing with each other around one small table could give you the warm feeling like family members… heart these people. Haha!

Next, we shall introduce the first photo of the post (sorry not a very good sight to be behold :P):


Truth unfold: The fanxu that look like small kid the most! [Hey don’t look at me! Obviously not me! The hair follicle on my legs are mutated and couldn’t produce much hair, which is DAMN GOOD. ;) ]


Got nothing better to do other than exchanging slippers with GUYS which eventually made one side of your feet heavier than another. LOL.

After Pasar Malam-walk, Khai Kent suddenly turned into One Utama, which made me started to activate my screaming mechanism. O____O Walking in One Utama in short pants and S-L-I-P-P-E-R-S doesn’t seems to be an appealing idea for me. *eyes bulges* Apparently they suddenly (whether it is sudden or not for them, it was damn SHOCKING for me.) decided to sing k in Neway! *Eyes bulges as big as possible but failed to fall out from my eye socket because i am sepet anyway XD XD XD*


Discussing in front of Neway.

It ended up that this plan did not work. F.Y.I i actually went to cheong k like… FEW DAYS ago? If i go again i would be placed in the high-risk group of losing my throat. :P

So, next station we shall go!


Sunway Giza! Heard before but never came before. Woot. So nice opportunity to explore this place. :P

We ended up in this restaurant:


YES! FULLHOUSE!!!! Well perhaps you all didn’t know that i want to come here since long long long long time ago because i was attracted by the adorable decorations! Wish granted! Thank you so so much~ although it might not be on purpose but just pure coincidence. XD


Photo-snapping is a must! ;)


Pink car pink car~ so chio~ :P

DSC04946DSC04948  DSC04947DSC04944DSC04943 DSC04960

Some decorations in the restaurant. You know what i love about this place? It was generally white white and white which made the atmosphere so fantasy and.. romantic. XD Paixe, little girl like to dream. @.@

DSC04956  My snowman boyfriend :D


3 of us! Love you girls the most already. :P


Ooooo i like this photo! Got “feel”. XD


Fooling around the dressing room with the accessories. Hee Hee. We are just typical. ;)

And if you realise, most photo taken in Fullhouse only displayed the faces of 3 girls. I thought another car lost their way to Sunway Giza yet they actually went all around the place to purchase my birthday cake! Walaooooo~ Thank you so so so much although the attempt did not fruit eventually. It was almost midnight hence it was totally reasonable that we couldn’t get a birthday cake. Yet i appreciate the effort.. Thanks! Before this didn’t know you guys sayang me also lol lol lol lol

Next stop! Mamak at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Ordered the 3-plates-long roti tissue.

DSC04991 DSC04992

The sweet potatoes! :P

Untitled-1 copy

Clockwise from top left: Keng Siang, Xuan Lin, Terrence, Khai Kent, me, Jun Yi, Adeline, Ming Xiao. Awesome people who made my uni life colourful. :D

P/s: Lim Jun Yi looks like a monster! Rwarrrrr! XD

Didn’t spend much time here. After leaving the place, we have no idea for the next destination, and that was when we spotted somewhere which is quite “hot” (quote Khai Kent. lol) and tada! Next destination it will be!


Asia Cafe. I didn’t know there’s one here. I thought there’s only one beside Taylor’s! Pardon me. XD

所谓,人老心不老。扮可爱一下还是可以接受的。 :P

Almost started to play Truth of Dare using this!!! Which later played the role as “lighter” as we start the typical-birthday-procedure, i.e. birthday song + making wish + blowing candle + eating cake. Yet we are creative enough to include modern element in traditional methods. And here i am, introduce you the most unique ‘cake’ in the world..

DSC05032Rocky!!! XD

Once again, it was due to the impossibility of finding an operating bakery at midnight. They are not to be blame. ;)

Silly vid of birthday in my Facebook. XD

Later, since we couldn’t fast forward the time to 4am for the last destination, we decided to go for pool in order to kill time. I’m the photographer! :D

DSC05052DSC05086 DSC05076DSC05083DSC05070DSC05056 

Leng zai play pool. Phewit! *since they are willing to be out so long in order to celebrate my big day, i shall praise them a little. XD*

Last but not least,

DSC05099 DSC05108

Curry wan tan mee for breakfast ( i don’t know whether the word “supper” or “breakfast” is more suitable, actually.) as requested by Xuan Lin. Tried this before when my neighbour senior da pao for me last time. Yet eating it with friends was definitely a different experience. :)

 Curry wantan mee marked the end of our marathon as we rolled back into own rooms respectively, and continue to “pou” in slumberland.. and take note, it was 5++ A.M. The time when i’m suppose to wake up. OH. MY. GOSH. Bunch of nocturnal sweet potatoes. ;P

I managed to sway to the lecture hall by 8am, still. Had some half-conscious moments receiving birthday wishes from my beloved coursemates, before i doze off again on my cozy bed at around 9++ am. Besides Xuan Lin, others fanxu lost their balance when they went to the toilet thus all of them dropped into the toilet bowl and got flushed, which explained their absence during the only lecture in that morning. ;) [try to flush a sweet potato and see. O_O]

Buddy outing was in the evening! Final year buddy couldn’t join us as she was on-call. Nevertheless, still enjoy the simple birthday celebration. Thanks, buddies! :D

Venue of buddy outing. No, i didn’t ingest any alcoholic product.

Fine, i lied. But half a sip of beer won’t make any difference right? XD


Top: My very cute and funny 2nd year direct buddy, Shir Inn, and 4th year buddy, Bee Chin.
Bottom: My co-buddy, Edward and 3rd year buddy, Wil Liam. 


And that’s me. Obviously looking drowsyyyyyy and sleepyyyyyy and that’s normal. :P

DSC05139DSC05140DSC05141 My hot chocolate and pork burger, which is of damn big serving. Taste quite good, though. :)


Lil birthday cake: BLUEBERRY CHEEEEEESE CAKE! Wheeee~ Just mentioned few days ago that i had not eaten cheese cake for long, and HERE I HAD MY CHEESE CAKE! :D :D :D Happy sial. Truly appetizing. XD

However, after having the whole cake and burger churning in my stomach, it made me feel as if the foods are crammed up to my upper oesophageal sphincter. @_@ To sum it up with the food i ate during the crazy nocturnal night, my effort of rope-jumping for 30minutes is wasted just like that~


Make a wish. :)

Show off some present sin~ *high-pitch fanxu trademark ‘sin’, means ‘first’ in Cantonese*

From sweet potatoes with eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hands and legs. Of variety sizes, from muscle hypertrophy to muscle atrophy. LOL. Okay this is some sort of inside joke. XD Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for the card and present! Know that i love ribbon bow and music signs. Haha~ Was looking for silver necklace for quite some time. The present arrived just at the right time. ;)DSC05184

The bear plushie from buddyline. Hahahahaha. Fits my head weih. Nice to hug while studying. Thanks!!


Gifts that warm my heart. That pinky pigglet photo frame is from Shir Inn. :D

Thanks to everyone who made my day. Birthday is not another day to receive mountain-loads of any expensive present, but rather a day that made you realise that you are somebody to the others, not a nobody. It made you appreciate people around you who are real sweet to you. Oh, and also, appreciate your mom! Haha!

2011 approaching! Shall i slack through these few days till i change my calendar? @.@