Versatile Blogger Award

--This is a tag. Walao damn long didn’t do tag already--
So to accept this award, I must:
(1) thank and link the person who gave me this award;
(2) share seven facts about myself;
(3) pass the award to seven other blogs that I've recently discovered and leave them a note to tell
It had been a decade since I was being tagged and asked to answer all the questions.

I hereby want to thank Mandy Chong Men Yee a.k.a. Men Men a.k.a Miss Pao a.k.a. Sesat Queen a.k.a Tree Stump (YES SHE GOT SUPER MANY NICKNAMES. :P). My kawan lama for 10 years and still counting. As her blog url suggested, she’s a pao freak, and additional to that, Milo’s best advertising spokesperson. She’s cute, hot, dance-a-holic, very sampat, blur and one of my BFF. And she’s no longer available. ;)
7 facts about myself:
I’m lazy. Refer here please. :)
Ok la maybe the Yi Ting last year is diff with the Yi Ting this year by a little. Lets get this started:
1. I’m having ribbon bow fever now.
韩版瑞丽女装蝴蝶结层层蛋糕裹胸连身裙【1102】 30157_109914585722108_100001107026120_73391_2782188_n 24134121268_300T1XaJtXadFXXbdEH7._111454
Don’t ask me why! It’s unexplainable. Love is blind. From shoes to bags to earrings. Just find them so chio!
2. I’m very talkative, noisy and probably annoying.
talk_to_me I’m quiet with strangers. I don’t know how to start a conversation. Nevertheless, once it is started, i just couldn’t control my mouth to shut. I’ll continue to talk talk talk until you are sick of if. Same thing applies to disturbing people on Facebook, spamming status, talking craps. I know some might find this lifeless but this is part of my social life. If you are one of those who always got disturbed by me, you are not just another victim, but one of the important friend of mine! :D I especially LOVE pillow-talking because i LOVE to exchange stories with people! I heart yum-cha and gatherings~
3. I am not as nerdy as you think I am.
Some (or most?) of my acquaintance during high school might be still thinking that i’m a real nerd. First, i have the super nerdy look back then (esp Form1-Form4), I’m neither pretty nor cute. Secondly, this is a common misconception towards top student. Perhaps is me being more and more lazy as i grow up. I’m not as book-worm as most people would think. I love outings, go po with friends, fooling around, doing the most silly things, potential to become the next Facebook Queen and so on. I love getting new knowledges as well, thus sometimes i heart Anatomy real much. Yet i’m not the type of person who can stand biting on books for hours. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.
4. I’m not fierce. I’m just loud.
loudDental coursemates would probably understand better what i mean here. Ha ha! My voice is loud and sometimes i can’t seems to control it. Sometimes my friends can detect my presence from the distance of few rooms. Sometimes when i was paying a visit to my friends of another residential college, other friends of mine at downstairs will open their door and says “i can hear  your voice from here weih”. Guess it is real hard for me to become a thief. =X That’s why i said i’m annoying at times.
5. My diet plan never works.
healthy-diet-apple Actually i can’t really see changes on myself when people says i slimmed down or become fatter (T.T). I really can’t. Yet when people says you are fat, you gotta believe it. I guess my plan fail because i’m still eating ice-creams, choc and breads. Hence, say no to them! Haven touch ice-cream for weeks. :S
6. I’m going to use my first wage to get a DSLR.
This is not completely true. I already got my first paid when i worked in Ogawa’s HQ. Haha! Nevertheless, i’d promised myself that after i (hopefully) graduate and get my first paid, i’m going to get that toy, provided that my enthusiasm toward photography has not fade. Certainly not because my family couldn’t afford one now, yet knowing the fact that i already had one digital camera in the family, i don’t want to burden my parents to get another one, at least for now. And i hope to get myself something meaningful with my first paid! Don’t you want to do the same? :) So keep dreaming, Yi Ting. Unless Santa Claus read this blog.
7. I actually don’t like growing up. Like seriously.
child-angel-field-625aPerhaps because i feel insecure in new environment, whereby you need to find new people whom you can trust and understand you. I still enjoy being sayang-ed by people around. Being treated like little sis. Probably because i’m always the youngest among friends. Grown-up world is much complicated and you have to prepare yourself with the challenging world out there. Sometimes, it is just tiring. All i want is those innocent times where you are sincere with people around and they did the same. Simple happiness.
Tada i’m done with tag! Who to tag? No idea. Whoever who read this and owns a blog. :)