Sisters Unite Round 1

Picture0002 copy Holidays, too (abnormally) free and boring much? Ha Ha not exactly. Have serious things like Biochem PBL (*$!@%), i-Com and i-Snap awaiting me in my to-do-list but i’m just (as usual) too lazy to get things start. Oh well.

And end up having time to photoshop own hair into reddish-brown in colour (yay!). But hey it looks quite okay cascading down my chubby face, no? And MY HAIR IS GETTING LONG WOHOO THAT IS SO JOYOUS lol. As if my hair had grown longer by 10cm within a night (Hah! Hoping that it is real :P) . In my dream laa.

Umm what’s with the hair-issue and my syiok-sendiri-constipated-vampire-alike-fair-due-to-lighting-hahaha face? Skip the foregoing two paragraphs.

Ok ok serious.

Had KMK sisters gathering in Sunway Pyramid! 6 out of 12 family members! Met Wei Ling for a few minutes too. Make it 6 and a half then. Haha.

Reached earlier and shopped alone in Asean Avenue AND finish strolling around there after about 1 hour. Went in one shop twice and the PROMOTER ACTUALLY RECOGNISE ME. 囧.


Nevertheless, 6 of us finally settle out butts down in Kim Gary. And started to blow-water, exchange stories and gossips, yada yada. It is enjoyable to make your saliva evaporate due to excessive talking. Activating zygomatic major and zygomatic minor muscles. Smiling muscles, in simpler words. Sorry I'm still being bugged by after-exam side effects. @.@


Eye-catching babes. 5th sis Allana, 8th sis Adeline, 1st sis Patricia.


4th sis Xuan Lin, 3rd sis Hui Yi and the most annoying of all, Yours Truly the youngest noise-making machine. Yay. (=u=)v

Lunched, chatted, and shopped. Bought 3 pairs of earrings, inclusive of one love-at-first-sight ballerina earrings (And that reminds me of Peh Ge) and a treble cleft one. Whee~ Favourite item in my list never change much, i suppose. :P


Not forgetting a group photo in toilet with dirty big mirror. Typical. :P

Looking forward to the next round on 11th Dec. More sisters please make that day available! :)

Blogger will me M.I.A from night of 4th Dec to 8th Dec. Tehee. Don’t miss me too much, people. I will be too touched and the amount of tears i have would not be enough to reflects how touched i am. Hahaha!

Slap me, i don’t mind. :P


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