Once upon a time..


Once upon a time, it was all about Maple Story..
A gang of lifeless people went discovering new maps together with the motto of “you die i die”, creating guild with funny names like “N0PoON0Lif3” and “BaKuTeh” (Whatever la i dont even remember the spelling already LOL), going for Party Quest together, killing mushroom and monster till late night, yada yada.
Now, even my own brother don’t play it frequently already.
But i have to admit that some of the noobish monsters are cute. XD


Once upon a time, it was all about MSN messenger..
A gang of lifeless people create a big group chat among the talk-crap kaki, spamming each other and talking about pointless things for HOURS. Or even countdown for Independence Day / New Year / whatever festive season and be the first to say “Happy xxx!!!”. LOL.
Now, MSN is so quiet. My MSN is auto-sign-in but it is appeared as “offline” most of the time unless i have itchy hand to change it. No one to disturb, so what’s the point?
But i have to admit those silly MSN moments help to foster friendship at least by little. :P


Once upon a time, it was all about blogspot.
Almost all of my close acquaintance during high school owns a blog. Be it a private one or a public one.
And when we are bored, we spam each other’s Chatbox.
And there are many many blogs to follow up!
Now, me and Mandy are the only active bloggers among us (i think). And my chatbox / shoutbox is so quiet. :X


Once upon a time, it was all about Friendster..
Upload photo in Friendster, leave comment in Friendster and.. umm.. what i’d done actually? Hmm.. Can’t even stalk people easily because there’s something called “Who’s viewed me” in Friendster. lol.
Now, Friendster? Raise up your hand if you had forgotten your Friendster password. HAHAHAHA

It’s Facebook era now. LOL. Imma a Facebook addict and yea i admit i’m quite lifeless in some way. LOL.

Picture says it all.

I guess the world does change! XD

P/s: First day of semester started off with silly actions like strolling Pasar Malam in drizzle and running across streets under pouring rain. What a memory. :P