Of suicidal note.


What the hell happened to this world huh? Committing suicide is definitely NOT something new; it might be some sure-come-out-in-newspaper-almost-EVERY-single-day news. It is also not the first time we ever heard someone committed suicide for love. Yet why is this particular ‘A’ fella gosh-damn-popular on Facebook compared to others who took the same silly step before? Mainly there’s two reason:

  1. He’s good looking (quite extra-ordinary i guess)
  2. He left a suicide note on FACEBOOK.

And the 2nd reason is the main contributor.

I’m absolutely in favour with the author of this article. Jumping down from a building for a girl is DEFINITELY not a heroic action. Please, it took seconds to hang a “THE END” sign on yourself, it will cost probably YEARS or WHOLE LIFE of the girl, being labelled as murderer, cold-hearted devil, or whatsoever. She’s the one who have to bear with all the critics, pointing-hands, foul words from the public, AFTER YOU DIE. Hell yeah this is a form of REVENGE, not a sign of love.

By loving someone means that you want that person to be happy. So do you think killing yourself will make your ex smiling broadly under the radiant sun? You think so? Maybe i’m too young to give comment on girl-boy-relationship-love, but how bout parents? Parents used the past 20 years educating you, spent few truckload of hard cashes on you, witnessing your evolution from an adorable child to a handsome grown-up, and THIS IS HOW YOU PAY THEIR LOVE? LOVE FROM FAMILY NOT LOVE MEH? Somemore you left message on your status telling your sister “jie, i love you”. Sorry to say, it is just another bullshit lie. If you really mean it, you would have step back before leaping down.

The main point i want to discuss here is actually the trend of leaving LAST NOTE on Facebook. Gosh seriously. Since when Facebook have this additional function. Last time, people WROTE LAST NOTE with their hands, for their family and friends. Now trend has change? Writing last note for EVERYONE around the world to read it? And so what? Looking at people spamming your wall with “R.I.P R.I.P R.I.P”. YOU CAN READ THOSE COMMENTS MEH? CAN ACCESS FACEBOOK FROM HELL MEH? (duh, people like this don’t deserve heaven. They deserve LG18 of hell.)

I know this thing happened like one week ago but what trully triggered me to wrote this is another DEATH NOTE from another Facebook user, posted by his fan page named15 Dec 2010 will be the last time i go online. After that i’ll be going to somewhere far far away. Good bye my friends. Tata~” Shyt you seriously. What’s wrong with this world? With all these very negative trend spreading around on Facebook? This will definitely leave an impact on other Facebook users, particularly among little children as the age of Facebook users is getting younger and younger. And all these stupid trend is setting up freaking wrong examples for the innocent children! Shyt all these people! You want to die and want to ADVERTISE THE SUICIDING TREND FOR FREE somemore?

I’m not surprise if let say Facebook is banned some day in the near future.

And then by that time i’ll be the one who start banging my head to the wall. lol.

P/s: I DID NOT mentioned anyone’s name in this post, if you notice. So the any of the “A”-fans out there, I’m saying this in general, not shooting your idol. Crap, this is so wrong, people like him also deserve having fans?


  1. a reli good post, suicidal case has been overwhelming recently, where i saw 5 cases within 1 week...

  2. Thanks! there are so many selfish beings who don't know how to appreciate life!


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