Merry Xmas, Merry Pou-ing!

Phew~ exam result of 1st sem is out! Currently got the result for 3 out of 4 main subject, with the addition of TITAS and Ethnic Relation.

The latter two were the “As-well-as-i-dont-have-to-RESIT-it!”-papers, so yippy, i’m grateful because i don’t have to spend another god-knows how many hours growing (and harvesting) mushroom in the lecture hall, mind wandering somewhere while body shivering badly under the well-functioning (hell yeah) air conditioner.

As for the 3 main subjects…not to say all 3 are of the best grade yet they were surprising and very satisfying for me! Way better than expectation larh. I’m a happy bird~ Just hope i wouldn’t not make the same mistake of stressing the hell out of myself at eleventh hours due to bad mood. It’s not affecting my grades (thank god) but it held me like in hell for days. And that, is definitely uncomfortable.

Anticipating the results of Biochem, English and KM.. hmm…

Oh wait! This should be a Merry Merry Christmas post! Sorry i’m wayyyy out of the topic already. :P This week is awesomeeeeeeeee in total! We finally have the chance to feel being students from other faculty as our time table was so free (maybe 2-3 hours of classes per day :D). Thus, being the topmost playful girl, i CERTAINLY do not let go of this once-in-a-thousand-years golden opportunity (okay, bit of exaggeration, i admit). So i’ve done for this WHOLE week?

Monday: : SS2 Pasar Malam in the rain. LOL. Don’t know why are we so desperate. Like someone had not been in night market before. :P

Tuesday: Surprisingly, i rejected 4 offers to go out. Solid F-O-U-R! LOL i don’t know why. Feeling exceptionally lazy to walk + eat + study(duh..) and anything. So end up i was dead bored of jumping from one Facebook site to another. Seriously, any other good website to kill time besides.. Facebook?

Wednesday: : Fuhhh~ Went out for lunch with some of the KMK sisters, i.e. Ying Sze, EJ, Xuan Lin and Wei Ling. Spent our energy loitering in Xuan Lin’s room and my room after lunch. Ignore the part where i made the umbrella go upside down. @.@ WENT HOME FOR WINTER SOLSTICE (dong zhi) CELEBRATION AFTERWARDS!


You know how rare it is to GO HOME on weekdays? HAHAHA! Although i only sat in home for few hours. Haven’t even warm up my butt yet before joining the other fanxu for last-minute-midnight-movie @ our favourite hang-out spot, Mid Valley, till 2a.m. Bye bye my biological clock. XD

My_Soul_to_Take_2586 Ok ok only. Expected storyline and weird ending. Got scared at some part but manage to hide under sweater. I was still watching with 1 eye, okay?  Don’t say i pay RM11 to hide under sweater. LOL.

Thursday: : Out of boredom, i suggested to have pillow-talk at Adeline’s site. And after yada yada yada, listened to Xuan Lin emphasising that she spent freaking 30 minutes to clean her teeth, watching her rolling and yelling on Ade’s bed while talking over the phone (Seriously i should record it. So entertaining XD XD XD), me and Adeline ended up in mamak stall of 6th college with other coursemates. And then, not having enough of it, we went lepak at the university lake and 4 of us had pillow-talk-without-pillow till freaking… *gasp*.. 4 in the morning!!!! @.@ The 4 sleepless ghost including Yours Truly, Miss Adeline Ng Kah Yee, Mr Lim Jun Yi and Mr Yong Ming Xiao. Talkative much? Luckily the saliva production of us is enough for us to keng sam si up to 3-4 hours. :P

Friday: Cheeeeeeeeong K @ The Gardens again. Ohoho. KMK family member + coursemates. And later met friend’s friends and start to blow water again before we went back and i had 11hours-sleeping-marathon. LOL. People are out there counting down, i’m here in room napping like a piggy. :P

Saturday: : Merry Christmas! Went Berjaya Times Square to meet up with some other KMK guys. Yeah, GUYS, since me and Ade were the only 2 girls. LOL. Times Square was freaking packed with human beings, it irritated me a little when i was trying to shop in one of the shops with attractive price. Haha. Couldn’t really do much stuffs, anyway, because everywhere is packed and full! Nevertheless, according to Khai Kent, gathering comes with a package and one of the item is photo-taking session. LOL. So yea, here they comes:


“Long Ge” Yeng Zai! XD


The culture of mirror-camwhore is so strong until the teenagers nowadays are creative enough to give another function for this Christmas decoration. :P

After meeting up with friends, i continue to lepak with my family in another shopping centre. So as conclusion, i was out from 11am to 9pm! OMG~ @.@


Well frankly speaking i do not have the habit of celebrating Christmas. Is just another day of holiday for me. If i am home, i will be out spending another day strolling in shopping centre. Just like that. Nevertheless, i LOVE the Christmas decorations in shopping complexes! They are just so.. chio~

DSC04823 DSC04825

@ One Utama. More emphasis on the England-style houses.. and the white thing is.. skating ring? :P


@ Summit USJ. Soft toys pouring out from a huge box. Is my DSLR hiding among them…? XD

 DSC04837 @ Bukit Tinggi Jusco. Although simple but the Christmas tree is definitely NICE because it is purplish-pinky~ *hearts*

DSC04852 DSC04853DSC04863

@ The Curve. Fancy-pinkish-kiddy decoration. Sweeeeeet~


@ Berjaya Times Square. Christmas tree is more to typical ones.

DSC04898DSC04899 DSC04900DSC04902

@ Favourite-Hang-Out-Place again, Mid Valley! My fav of all. Humongous soft toys all over, reminding us of our childhood moments. The teddy bears are even bigger than me. Can i kidnap one?? ;)

Once again,
merry xmas 
Merry Christmas to all!

I still look drowsy after hibernating for so long. Ha Ha. And toilet paper is the easiest source of paper at that moment, so that explains why my greeting words are on it. *stuck-out-tongue*


Ahh~ More proper one. :D