Invading Thailand.

4th Dec 2010 – 8 Dec 2010. Family vacation to Bangkok-Pattaya. Whee~ I’m going to cut my crappy intro short because there are like..what?…100+ photos in this post??

And it might take you 20minutes to read this. Like really read this. I doubt anyone does. Hmm..

And sorry i’m not a good tourism-place blogger because i forgot almost ALL the name of places that i went. Too busy with camera. Ha ha ha.

And here we begin:

DSC04658 Journey starts from KLIA. Need to reach there damn early and end up become damn bored of waiting. And, YIKES! OF EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY, THE TOUR GUIDE SPELT MY SURNAME WRONGLY. 我不是我爸的孩子啊~

And my youngest bro gave me a crappy explanation that Ti Yi Ting  looks more smooth. Crap.


Flight we took: From Lufthansa. :)

DSC04669 P1190222 

Top: Food on the way to Bangkok.
Bottom: Food on the way back to KL.


Reached there in the night of 4th Dec so nothing much is done. Real activities starts on the next day.


First destination: Safari Park. Animal look at us more than we look at animal.

We are going round the place in own vehicle, and i was sitting at the back of the bus with tinted window. Hence, it explains some of the lomo-ish photos below. Ha ha.

The white dots are birdies!

The most lomo photo of all. Haha. Ancient.

P1180425P1180426 P1180428

Some other animals. Made me think about this: what was the last time i went to zoo and allow the particles from animal’s crap to enter my nostril and diffuse across the olfactory epithelium? Hmm..


Family photo. Realised (very very long time) ago that both my brothers has this extreme hatred toward this invention called camera. Smelly-faces.

P1180487P1180481P1180490 copyP1180485 copy

Parrots at the entrance. Good subject to be captured! :)


My favourite photo of all. Not cropped, not edited. Raw! Haha!


Awwwwww~ sweeeeeeet~ :P


And something which triggers the action potential of my yellow-minded nerve cells(?!). Look at the boobs! It shoots water! LOL!! The muscles around the nipple must be damn strong (and experiencing muscle fatigue any sooner). LOL. Any under 18 readers here? XD

First show at the place: Orang Utan show:

P1180523 P1180524P1180526  

The Orang Utan band! Rock yeah~


Animal these days getting more and more open-minded. Red underwear blue underwear. You name it, they have it!

No fighting, boys.

2nd show of the day: The sea lion show.

Setting of place.

With their trainers.

P1180567 copyP1180575
Some of their performance. CPR-ing! Woot! What happens when human saliva get in contact with sea lion’s saliva? Is the content similiar? :P

Third show of the day: Cowboy show:

Bang here bang there. Bomb here bomb that. Initially it will still catch your attention but when you are looking at the same thing for like half an hour, it makes you go “ugh. When will it stop man.” Not forgetting the unexpected splashing waters. Woot. Luckily i'm not the lucky ones.


Some of the stunts that i manage to capture. Violence is not the best way to settle problem, you know. :)

The lunch is included in the package of visiting to that place, so yeah we had our lunch there, and this is the horse outside the restaurant. Too bad it is not white colour, lorh. So not my white-horse-prince lo. :P


Next stop: Shop selling genuine leathers.


Crocodile leathers on the wall.

Differentiating genuine and artificial leather. Not supposed to be photographed. Who cares anyway. :P

P1180633 copy

And this! Also not supposed to be captured but i managed to take a snap despite all the promoters guarding around, all dressed like lawyers. Gah. THIS IS REAL FUR! Yikes and Eww! Cruel, freaking cruel. Wonder what will those Animal Lover Association think of this. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Don’t you think it is gross wearing other’s skin on yourself? Imagine you wearing my skin??? (Whispers: Puh-lease who wants your skin. The only advantage of your skin is that you have inactive hair follicles. Gah)


Next up: More and more animal shows (really like zoo-visiting. Suits little kids. Educational purpose. lol.)

P1180664 P1180661

Crocodile show: Stuffing heads into crocodile’s mouth. Gosh. Making jokes with own life. *salute*


Piggy doing maths and piggy race! LOL.


Next in the list: Tiffany Show at Alcazar. Or more commonly known as Ah Kua Show. The name itself suggested that it is performance by trans-sexual people. Time to change taste after bored of looking at hot babes?


Statues in front of the building.

Look at the amount of audience! Oh.My.Gosh. Really lo. All tired of looking at cute girls so decided to switch to something more wild. Challenging. Oh whatever. lol.

RM70 per entrance. Can go genting for almost 2 times already. LOL. But it is the attraction of Pattaya! Gotta see this once in a lifetime. Haha. Well i guess the magnificent effects and props (i’m more impressed by the props LOL) worth the ticket price.

Some of the performers. The techno girl, Lady Gaga, Half-man-half-women and the prettiest of all, the one who resemble Korean/Japanese singer. Since i’m sitting wayyyyy at the back, i couldn’t get a clear photo of her(him?). So i decided to become a thief: Photo-stealing time!


Stole from Deff’s old photo album. Hiak hiak hiak. Sorry i didn’t get permission from you before doing so. You won’t mind right? :P S(he) is sweet and hot at the same time. I realise not many Thailand girls are of cute type. More to.. mature-type of prettiness?   


The whole cast.

And to sum it all, actually the most attractive part of ah kua is only one:

P1180778 copy



Oops. Sorry for being 18SX again. ;)


After the show, parents are upgraded from audience to enjoy-whole-body-bone-breaking-massage-customers. So there they go:


And me and my siblings got downgraded from enjoying-air-conditioned-comfort-audience to still-enjoying-air-conditioned-comfort-but-growing-mushroom-abandoned-children. Sigh!

P1180794 copy

Abandoned children. Sob sob sob. Due to the wrong time arrangement, we have to wait for our parents for supper later on and couldn’t go back to the hotel first. So there we are, three lost children undergoing fermentation. Luckily still got my youngest bro to blow water with me for awhile before he gets bored and start to dig for my handphone for the stupid handphone games again. My 2nd bro is relatively quiet, all the time.


Nothing better to do? Study Anatomy la.


Supper later on. FAT! @@$%^$#&#^&!


Clockwise: Shark-fin soup, Bird nest in coconut, and 冬粉 (what’s this in English..) with crab shells. RM80 overall. Highly recommended by the tour guide wor.


Snapshots from the hotel:


Our hotel in Pattaya and it’s swimming pool~


Our so-called battery water. Hahaha. My weird bro dare not to drink directly from the bottle itself. –.-


Internet service. RM1 for 15 minutes. I was so despo until i’m willingly to do so. HAHAHA. But i only get to used 8 minutes as we have to go to the next station. And the 8 minutes includes all the stupid verification from Facebook (actually it is not stupid. For security purpose.) End up i didn’t really get to log in Facebook also. Siao de.


Tried parachute in Pattaya!


Photo taken by the local photographer which keep snapping with the DSLR like paparazi. Common phenomenon in Thailand. And it is sort of annoying! My leg looks humongous on the photo on right. lol. Nevertheless non of the photo will beat this:


One in a million piece. Woot.

You know what is 怒发冲天 ? Change my smilling face to angry face then you will get a crystal clear picture of it. Gah.

P1180823  Marking done by the person in charge of parachute. No idea what it means.


Pattaya beach moments. Of course incomparable with Redang’s pearl white sand! Maybe because the weather is rather cloudy and it couldn’t bring up the beauty of beach. Have i mentioned that beach looks nicest under the hottest sun? Cloudy weather = damn good for my skin = not good for photography!


P1180895Another family photo infront of the mountain with a picture of Buddha. Drawn using laser and later placed with gold.


Next round: Botanic Garden.

P1180909 P1180922

Thai cultural show.


Some of the performers. Damn hard to get good photos while they are moving. T_T Aku mau DSLR!

P1180923 Thai boxing. Just for performance purpose.


The hop-hop-hop and kiap-kiap-kiap game. I also don't know the name. Sorry lo. Told you i’m not a professional tourism blogger. :P


The tales of two kings fighting on the elephants.

Cultural show is followed by Elephant Show.

P1180997  P1180995P1190002

Elephant and some of the stunts. Playing basketball, drawing, playing darts, and the most interesting of all, MASSAGE:


Because elephant is so smart. It massage the sensitive area of boys and the two-mini-mountains of girl. How about ah-kua leh? Good point to be pondered. Hmm.

After that, time for photo-shooting around the beautiful photo garden! Due to time constrain, we didn’t really get to explore the whole place. So i just appreciate some precious moment to snap as many photos as possible.


Woooo~ Like the sun effect! Raw photo. :)


Elephant’s statue. The teeth can use to hang clothes already. Ha ha ha.

P1190038 P1190044P1190042 

Statues around the garden. Another good subject to be captured! :D


Beautiful flowers around the garden. Taken in late evening, and it gave sort of a good lighting effect too. Not bad~ :D


I know it’s my species. Or at least i’m getting like one. *long sigh*


3rd day is the Shopping Day!


Muaaaaahx!! Killer kiss. :P

They sold some sort of snake venom related medicine but we didn’t buy lar.


Place selling genuine gems and jewelleries. Photos in the big hall couldn’t be taken so i capture something in the cafe instead. Haha. Mom’s favourite place for sure. Present for 20th Anniversary. Hoho.


Place selling bee-related stuffs like honey, bee pollens and so on. Another mom’s favourite place. Hahaha!


And finally, MY place! Haha! In chinese this is called 曼谷包, having outlets in 7 countries EXCLUDING Malaysia. Sad! The bags are very chio, at least for me, probably because of the presence of ribbon bow! And it is cheap! Oh my gosh i’m having ribbon bow fever nowadays. :P

P1190078P1190115 P1190110P1190114  


  Some of the shopping complexes around Pattaya and Bangkok and their Christmas deco. I LOVE CHRISMAS DECO! It makes the whole street looks so bling-bling and fancy and eye-catching and made me woahhhh-ed like a jakun. I want to hug a snowman!


Creative ads in a mall. I think the 1st and 2nd is me! :D


Toilet also got. What else? CAMWHORE! XD

Oh-kay i know i’m short. Had been reminded by my mom for the past 19 years. Exaggeration much. I’m not even officially 19 yet. XD


A unique tiang! When i see this it reminded me of my hug-tiang kaki, Ying Sze. Haha! Ying Sze, if you are still here with me together with Hui Yi, if she says anything random again, this would be the nicest tiang to hug. Hahahahaa!



Time for prayers! The well-known Four-face-Buddha in Thailand. Wasn’t sure of the exact name. I did some direct translation from it’s Chinese name, 四面佛. Haha.


The holy water. :)


Last tourism place before hopping onto the plane: The floating market!

 P1190168 P1190166P1190165
Can cook on the small sampan! Wow.

Quite a good place to buy things because really you can really bargain! Especially when you have a bargain kaki as a mom. Fuyoh. XD


Souvenir resembling the situation of floating market. :D


Last spot to settle our growling stomach:


Largest restaurant in Thailand. The surrounding resembles those palace you see in drama series. And the waiters wear roller shoes because the place is too big! Nevertheless, personally think that it only have the look only. For those tourist group before they head to airport. Because the food is so-so only, some even below average. Disappointing man.

P1190189 P1190197P1190194P1190183

Sceneries around the place. Went strolling around while waiting for the food to be served. :)

Dined in this room of it. Every room has its own name.

Last photo of the blog post (finally?):


Brothers playing with the machine with free internet service! Hahaha! Yet due to the awkwardly-design keyboard and touch-screen, i only log in Facebook for fun and didn’t really get to do many things with it. Ha ha.

And after that,


Overall quite a good experience. But the animal show is more for children. And the adult show like what what tiger show (O______O) is too ganas for me. HAHAHA! I’m still having an innocent mind although i’m legible to watch those i-think-will-be-quite-SCARY-and-GROSS shows. Gah. In the next 10 years perhaps. :P

While walking on the Pattaya Streets at night we sort of went to the wrong direction and see one whole rows of pubs with ladies (wait. Not PURE ladies. O.O) rubbing their butt against the pole, the whole place in pinkish light (first time i think pink is so distracting), the ladies (again, not PURE) in sexy attires and the hand of horny uncles on the ladies’ butts. O_______O

My tour guide says, Pattaya is a place with 鸡鸭鹅满天飞 (chicken, duck, swan everywhere) I’m sure you know what is reflected by chicken and duck, so how about swan? Human in between male and female la. :P And my bro actually came out with a good conclusion: “Swan is the most elegant of all, that explains why ah-kua is so hot.”. Got point, got point. XD

Here ends the Thailand trip!

2nd round KMK sis gathering tomorrow! :D


  1. like the tiang very much.XD
    actually, yi ting u can consider to save up to buy a dslr cz u got the angles d..somemore u know how to use those editing programs very fast..GO GET ONE !!!
    ur ah kua post is super funny la..not advisable for kids loh..
    ur bag super chio...for those rich ladies one la ( ur future )...XXD

  2. DSLR hor~ wait la wait la. Wait till i start to hunt for the model i want. now still noobish, dono about those aperture and all. :P

    where got for rich lady oh~ wait till i SUCCESSFULLY graduate and working for a few years first. Or better still u introduce some rich hot dude for me la. HAHAHAHAHA!!


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