For our adorable Milo Queen

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Chong Men Yee’s 19th Birthday!

19 photos of both of us as your 19th Birthday present. :P And as i look through the old photos, i realised there are MORE funny photos of yours rather than photo of both of us together. I believe Sheen Yeen has MORE! So next year, same post will be dedicated to you with 20-Funniest-Photos-of-Mandy-Chong. BWAAAAHAHA!

To tell the world what we have done for the past 11 years might take up the next thousand words. And our photos might be more than these…. with my mushroom head in primary school and super-nerdy look in lower secondary. Oh, not again~

Yet to sum it all, WE ALL LOVE YOU ALTHOUGH YOU ARE WEIRD. Hahahaha! Having you as one of my oldest friend is definitely fun! Not everyone have friends growing up together. From eating Western Food in canteen everyday during primary school, all our noob comics (I ACTUALLY KEPT THEM! Interested to have a look? :P), self-written hamsap novels (HAHAHA), to Girl Guides in secondary school, many many many silly moments in classroom, Langkawi trip, countless yamcha… Fuhh, too much till i couldn’t recall. Hahaha! Well it is definitely hard to recall everything happened in the past 11 years. ~.~


Anyway for yesterday, we had simple birthday celebration + gathering among KK peps, starting off the day with dim sum, shopping, yam-cha and finally “Rapunzel”!

Rapunzel_2 Rapunzel, Tangled.. same la. :P Not bad! Quite funny. :D

tangled-pascal Introduce you Pascal the chameleon, an adorable pet of Rapunzel. And according to Sheen Yeen who is having post-STPM syndrome, Pascal = unit of pressure = Force/surface area. So yea, the long name of it is “Force-over-surface-area” and it’s short name is “Pascal”. Wohoo! XD

Stepping back to UM soon….. no! Although i do miss my roommates and coursemates especially fanxu gang but i’m not done playing with Kota Kemuning friends yet! *sulk like a child who lost her lollipop* How i wish next week is a hol too, then we can go out for every single day! Blame the timing. Bohoo.

Fear NOT, Yi Ting will be back in the town to disturb you people! ;)

Good Luck for my Sem2!