Ade’s B’day and Noise Polution by Me. ;)


From me to one of my best friends in university, Adeline Ng Kah Yee!! XOXO.

Did some scrapbooking for her, depicting memories from matriculation to UM. :)


Front cover.


Step number 1: Photo printing! With my brand new printer with water-resistant ink. Bwahaha. Finally, new printer replacing my old silly printer. Much clearer! :D


My favourite pages in the little booklet. Lets keep other pages for Adeline herself. :)


Had our 2nd round of sister gathering, in conjunction of Ade’s birthday as well. Get to meet siao poh EJ, peluk tiang kaki Ying Sze, and Peh Ge! Happy happy~ :D

Another sis group pic: me, Ying Sze, Peh Ge, Hui Yi, Adeline. EJ left earlier. :(

Hui Yi FINALLY said something random! I reckon that the presence of me and Ying Sze at the same time can give some sort of aura that trigger Hui Yi’s random talk. :P Goshhhh~ Miss those days loitering in C-mart, badminton time, sitting on big table and stare at stars above during last night in KMK, and on top of all, the moment whereby me and Ying Sze get a tiang to hug whenever Hui Yi said something random again. Miss miss miss! Those days in H6… :S

Not forgetting EJ’s room, whereby i will parasite and swallow down all her chocolate whenever the weekend comes. Looking at her waking up reluctantly in the morning and start to wrap herself up in her blanket like a caterpillar. Her room was the place the rest jumped out from the wardrobes with cakes in their hand during me and Fiona’s birthday celebration. Ha ha ha! You girls are sweet. *Group hugs*

Memories aside, we had fun in Redbox@Gardens today! Sorry people, i was syiok sendiri much. :P Celebrated Ade’s birthday together with some of her high school friends! Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Indulgence made me damn full. All-time-favourite, and it is the Mother-of-all-sins for spoiling my diet plan. T_T Blame no one but myself. LOL! It is just.. irresistible. :(

Photo time:


Ade’s and EJ’s high school friend from SMK Kepong Baru. :)


Ade’s Chocolate Indulgence birthday cake. Old liao lor!


Happy happy faces~


Kent Room was very excited, indeed. Haha! K-box is definitely going to be filled with laughter with his presence. He can turn Jay Chou’s song into some sort of incantation. And the way he sing S.H.E.’s <SHERO> can really make you go ROFL. Hahaha!!!

EJ siao poh. :P

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Birthday girl making wishes~ :)


Darling EJ and Ying Sze! My gosh they are leaving to USM Kelantan again. So soon. Haven even got the chance to dig all the stories out yet!

2nd round sister gathering success! Get to meet people who didn’t show up for the 1st round. :D Credits to Hui Yi for organising and Ying Sze for the photos. :)