H.O.L.I.D.A.Y. Favourite alphabets for students. :P

The official / unofficial Emo-week of dental students is FINALLY OVER! YES YES YES YES YES *over the moon* I will definitely maximise the use of my lovely 3 weeks holidays. Before i step back into University of Malaya and get the hardest wall to bang my head and crack my head at the frontal bone region. Or will it be better if i knock at the pterion region? The anterior branch of middle meningeal artery will burst and perhaps i can die faster. Or perhaps using the carbon monoxide suicide method highly recommended by my Physio lecturer because i can just die and escape my terrible-looking exam result peacefully. Yikes!

Oh kay enough. @.@

The week was real bad. It started with a quite-happy day at first, but when i was struck with some stuff that took away my good mood on the second day, thing start to be hard. Gah. Glad that it is settled by now. Haha. Shall take Deff’s analysis that guys and girls differs in their way of expressing themself. LOL. Big thanks to Xuan Lin, Ade, Hoon, Deff and my roommates who has been comforting me lots. :)


Back to examination papers, overall i screwed every single paper. YES I MEAN IT! When the main concern during high school is getting straight A1’s for my SPM, now in university, i ONLY REQUEST FOR A PASS! PASS! And it is even more impossible that getting straight A1’s in high school! Rwarr~ speechless.

I hate last-minute preparation in rush but i don’t have the choice because if i do not do so, i bet over 50% of the important notes has slipped off my mind before i sit down in the examination hall (oh by the way first time we can just sit with whoever we wants during exam! *jakun face* So me, Xuan Lin, Ade and Hoon keep forming our big 2x2 square during major papers. Haha!)

I even screwed the minor fei fei papers like Hubungan Etnik, TITAS and Kemahiran Maklumat. Sat for those papers in the main examination building. Upon entering the hall i was thinking “hmm it looks like the hall i use during my Olympiad Maths (OMK) competition back in high school”. And on second thought i was amused by my own silly thought because the OMK thing took place in UM and i AM now in UM! Of course it is the same place la. LOL! And it makes me ponder how time flies. I used to came UM for competitions and PMR seminar talks. Who expected that i will be a student HERE, struggling for exam here, and going to be graduate from here? Gosh i feel old. Haaahaha. Similar feeling when i look at the bunch of girl guides juniors i knew when they are still in Form1, all innocent and playful. And next year they are sitting for SPM and soon going to graduate! Gosh i couldn’t accept this! *dramatic face*


Nevertheless, my first (horrible) exam in Faculty of Dentistry is finally over and is time to heal back my lack-of-entertainment heart. Bwahaha! So we went out almost immediately after the last paper (forgetting the shyt-i-dont-know-what-histology-slide-is-this-shyt-i’m-screwing-my-anatomy-shyt-shyt-shyt part), out to Mid Valley, for dinner, blow-water session (a.k.a talking crap session. No idea why it is known as blow-water or 吹水 in Chinese. XD), midnight movie of Unstoppable, and finally back college at 2.30am. :) Sing K session afterwards (FINALLY AFTER SO LONG! Mentioned it since the presentation day of my Hubungan Etnik’s project. lol). Peh Xuan Lin, Adeline Ng, Lim Jun Yi and Yong Ming Xiao you guys better don’t overslept! Hah! :P

Wheeeeeeeee~ 3 weeks holidays. What shall i do? :P

I am suppose to diet because more than one person said that i had expanded. O_______O But the graph depicting my weight is always surging and never once drop! Macam mana???

Good luck for those still having exam, especially to my STPM friends and two lovely roommates, Nadia Chong Hwa Ni and Amy Ling Lih San. Gambate to both of you! Sorry lah for making those annoying face and annoying complaints whenever i come back from exam. Hahahaha! ;P


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