Memorable First Semester!

It is almost December already! *Gasp* 2010 has been quite a special year. Biding farewell with friends in Kedah Matriculation College, welcoming coursemates in Faculty of Dentistry @ University of Malaya. First semester in University passed by within a glimpse! O__O Well not exactly one single glimpse, actually. There have been changes all along. Getting new friends, understood people, suffered, felt lonely, found new accompaniment, missed old friends, better bond with KMK sisters, know bunch of awesomely playful people, laughed, cried, complaint, felt like dying or jumping into varsity lake, been optimistic, been extremely pessimistic, yada yada yada. Too many changes here and there. Sometimes you felt like freezing one particular awesome moment but you just couldn’t prevent certain things from changing. Ha ha.

Roommates~ A203 rocks! *except for the i-love-to-stick-at-your-window-whenever-the-night-comes-and-eat-mosquitoes-infront-of-you-bwahaha lizards and i-love-to-march-at-the-edge-of-your-table-or-your-wet-container-or-wherever-i-want-in-your-room-wakaka-bwahaha ants!*

One of the fabulous part of first semester is having my two lovely roommates, Nadia and Amy. One medic student and another Law student. Which is actually cool! Because you get gossips from other courses too. Huahuahua. Love to have them around, especially sometimes when i’m really stressed out, few chatting lines with them can sooth my aching heart a little. We stalked people together on Facebook *shhhhh*. Hahaha! Thanks both of you. ;)

Not forgetting the very important part of my University life: my coursemates!


One might wonder why Dental students just L-O-V-E to stick together: go classes together, study together, eat together, play together, celebrate birthdays together, gossip together, blow water together, mamak together, sleep together (well if they are roommates).. maybe the only exception is bathe together. Haha. Yet seriously speaking i’m no one without them in University. Without them, life will be dead bored with tons of books and never-ending assignments and shyt-i’m-gonna-fail-no-matter-how-much-i-studied dental examinations. That’s why i love them! We undergone the same hardship together and that made up appreciate each other’s presence even more.

Special credits to my dearest girlfriends, Adeline, Xuan Lin, and Geok Hoon. Also the bunch of fan xu that always bring laughter to everyone. Hahaha! You people are reaaaaaaaal AWESOME! Although you guys said i had become FAT (AND KEEP REMINDING ME SO) after not seeing me for one week but well, i think i’m just going to put it in this way: “True friends stab you from the front, not the back”. LOL. To show my appreciation, maybe i will reserve one of my birthday wish in my coming birthday for you guys, praying that all of you can get a perfect girlfriend as SOON as POSSIBLE. I know you how desperate you all are. *Throw-back-head-and-evil-laugh!* Nevertheless, just want to let you people know, you guys are really important for me. :)

Some of the most significant outings and celebration with coursemates! Click on the pic for further updates. XD

Sept Babies

During the Independence Day. Haha!


where Human Centipede comes in. Gosh.

Mx & QY

last crazy party before our 1.2 examination.


Not forgetting Malam Mesra Pelajar dan Staff (MMPS) 2010. An event where everyone had put efforts in. Thumbs up!

Also, my lovely buddyline. :D Love them! Like family members to me. :)

Buddy Hehe. Big family photo at the centre. :D

Life as a dental student is undoubtedly freaking hectic. So busy sometimes and it makes you feel like breaking down. Thus i think having a optimistic mindset is real important as a dental students. Well, just try to enjoy life, play hard and work hard. ;D

but for now…


Who want to jio me outttttttt? :P


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