I did not peep anyone!

There’s a saying that when you peep someone when they are bathing or peeing you will get swollen eyes. LOL. I know it sounds stupid. I did not do any of them ( duh! >.<) but how come my eyes are like this?


Sad! Swollen eyes. Made people mistaken as eyebags and giving wrong impression that i have not slept for the past 5 days 4 nights. Gah! :(

Wanna go home and seek doctor’s advice by this weekend but how if it became normal again? Rub my eyes hard to make it appear again? –.-!


Anyway, putting it aside.. hmm~ nothing much to be updated this week. Except that:

  1. Painting has been done in my room in Uni and after they do so, me and roommate took almost 3 hours tidying up the after-tsunami room. Sheesh. What a wrong timing!
  2. Gotta cut down on Facebook because people keep saying “Yi Ting always facebook facebook and facebook” (indicate that i didn’t study?!) Disclaimer: I Facebook and face book at the same time. LOL. Sometimes i just throw my laptop aside and disturb people ONLY when i was bored. And Internet is important to clear doubts! Not in a million times that i gonna restrict myself from internet for a week due to exam. Sorry, just, no way. LOL.
  3. Caaaaaan’t wait for holidays! Argh!
  4. I want to cheong k. :S
  5. Had a moody day yesterday with no obvious reason. LOL. And mengamuk-ed at people through phone. Damn paixe. Like having mood swing. =X

Maybe i need this?


LOL. Ade’s lotion that triggers the laughing mechanism of mine because i started to laugh at most insignificant thing after applying it. Like the different sound effect of Facebook chat? LOL!

Anyway, if any of my coursemates happened to read this (i doubt there’s any), this is our time table! Self-reminder for me to gambate as well.

Study smart and don’t get stressed! Smile on! :)

DSC04503 DSC04504 

Next week is study week. Wohoo~ Although this week is a self-declare pseudo-study week already. Ha ha.

All the best to my darling coursemates~ Jia you and don’t keep having the perception that yourself gonna fail fail fail and die die die. Be positive! Is just an examination (emm.. just?) and it is not the end of the world yet. LOL. Just try your best kay? Big hug to all of you~ *hugs* Hug back! Hiak hiak! :P

Life is still quite good and enjoyable recently (exp for the exam part)
Love the way it is now and want to maintain it so (again, exp for the exam part)
But as a student exam is part of our life.


try to love exam la! :P