Face-book week!

Starting my face-book week i.e. study week with swollen eyes, swollen gums, weak body, swollen face and swollen waist (or more appropriately, expanded face and waist. lol. Although i didn’t really take those measurements but i can feel larh. My face is so pinch-able. Sob.). Ahh! Great. How great. Ugh.


Bored neh.


Study corner in home sweet home. Considered-quite-nicely-decorated-by-Yours-Truly so must maximise it’s usage. :)

That whole box of books there is the to-be-swallowed-to-PASS-amount of stuffs! *gasp*


Study week should be more appropriately named as indulge-in-fooooooood-without-looking-at-weighting-machine week in the case of Tee Yi Ting. Open and close the fridge for over 20 times a day is not really a good sign, eh? No wonder my face expanding lo. But my tongue need some stimulation so what-to-do-lar.. ;)

And another consequence of it?DSC04555

Big & Gigantic & Magnified & Huge & enormous & Whatever-ever size of PIMPLE (luckily no ‘s’ behind) on forehead! And it is painful! Ouch. :(

Oh-kay i got no idea why am i posting this stupid photo up. A normal human would avoid posting things that affect their image and drop their value/ market BUT since i don’t have one so nevermind lar. The pimple is at the bifurcation (?!) of my fringe so it is visible from 100m away. Don’t belive? Move your chair backward and stare at the photo above. Nah! Still damn visible. ToT

*what’s wrong with me..*

And OH, I had just found another half of my life .. *heart heart*








*not that cartoon character don’t get me wrong lol*

Well anatomy is quite fun at times, you know. Like linking this artery to that artery and eih? it links back to that artery and yada yada yada. And SURPRISINGLY i have mood to study anatomy compared to another 3 subjects. Woot. Guess i’m really a bit (A BIT ONLY) abnormal. :P

I’m half done with revisions thus i’m so high! wahaha~ hopefully it is enough for me to pass. *pray pray pray*


Keep Holding On, people! Good luck to Sheen Yeen, Shaunie, Hui En and other STPM-ers too. (i doubt they read this anyway). :)

Song for your soul. :)