Yes Yes Finally get to PLAY!

I guess my playful gene are not fully inhibited from expressing themselves, anyway. MY WISH GOT GRANTED (although it might a bit late). Finally get to do something related to the Lantern Festival. Waaaaahahaha.

Went to Dewan Tunku Chanselor (DTC) to watch theatre performance on Monday.

DSC03871DSC03872 DSC03874   Coursemates, roommate, roommate’s coursemates. XD

And on Wednesday, went down to Dewan Umarak for the Lantern Festival + Raya Celebration of the college. Damn rare to see the inhabitants of A203 make their existence together at DU other than lunch/dinner time, you know. Hahahahaa!!


Roommates of almost the same height: Nadia the Medic student, Yi Ting the Dental student, Amy the Law Student! Bwahaha! Finally we have a photo with all 3 faces! We are pretty high on that day. XD


Another one. B/w. Lovely roommates~ :)

After having our meal at DU at almost 10pm (OHMYGOSH SO FATTENING BECAUSE IT IS SO LATE ALREADY), me and Amy stayed for the lantern parade, when i have important Anatomy SDL class tomorrow and Amy having her exam on Friday! Wohoo! Playful us. ;P


  Me and Amy~ My roommate that laugh easily even when she’s Facebook-ing. Hahahahaha!!


Pink is mine. Yellow is Amy’s. Green is Jun Yi’s. Sei Jun Yi keep disturbing me!!!! Grr..

Furthermore, despite the drizzle, me and the guy coursemates from 2nd Residential College (bunch of fan shu in short. –.-) went all the way to KFC OUTSIDE UM for our lunch and laugh our time off for almost 3 hours. Koli!

Yet i’m enjoying these kinda of life. HAHAHAHAHA!

P/s: Heard a sad news this morning. One of my friend just lost his closest family member. Hope he can stay strong. You have us with you!!