Of Secret Recipe and Human Centipede.

Happy Birthday to our Da Ge (Big brother) Terrence Chan Lai Wooi a.k.a Poly PiggIE (didn’t get it wrong this time.XD)


Suddenly makes me wanna sing 卫兰’s  《大哥》instead of the birthday song. Haha!!

DA GE! Officially the OLDest.. You are 20 and i’m STILL 18! Hah! Nevertheless, maintain your young heart! You always bring laughter to us whenever we start to “blow water”. Haha! As for your monk philosophy… you sure you can maintain it? XD

Made a big card for our most respected (lol) da ge / lou ye (what the guys like to address him as. Making him sounds even oldER. XD). Specially from over-steady + fan xu gang! :)


One small box = personal greetings from gang members. :)


Left and right view. lol!

Of course, celebration is not among the gang members only but all coursemates! It was really a success as the attendance was near 100%. Hahahahaha!! Good opportunity to unite everyone under one informal occasion again. :)

Secret Recipe cake as supper! The surprise started off with blindfolding the birthday boy with his birthday present—a V-neck tee from us. Speaking of that present, it made me and Ming Xiao got mistaken as promoters because we are still in our lecture attire when we are doing the shopping. =.=!! When i observe myself again, i really do spot the similarities. Gah. So the customers are not to be blamed for asking “Miss, does this item has discount??????” O__O

Enjoyed the night with my loveliest coursemates. Certain activities have been carried out and WOOT! I discovered my hidden ability. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *evil smirk*

Considering the night is still young and the common phenomenon whereby people gets high on Thursday night (or, at least, for me? As Friday schedule is arranged with unimportant lessons or even only 1 to 2 hour of lessons! :D), we decided to do more insane thing. Like watching this movie in the midnight:


The Human Centipede

We have our secret chamber to do so. :P

But with the wrong movie. Because generally Human Centipede SUCKS like anything. I’m generally not picky towards movie. In many occasion when people says “this movie sucks. that movie is boring.”, i think that those movies were still OK and acceptable. But this? It really sucks. No storyline + stupid, gross and kinky concept. I don’t get the point of the movie!

I thought i was the only one because i was quite tired during the movie. I was wriggling around on two chairs in the comfortable air-conditioned room with my coursemates of equally unsound mind. And apparently i was wrong because most of us don’t find it interesting too! Additionally when you are watching it with whole gang of close acquaintance without strangers, you can do anything you want. Like trying to apply anatomy and physiology concept during the movie (HAHAHAHAHA!), laughing at the most insignificant stuff, and labelling the movie character as someone else!!


The brainless doctor in the movie and my coursemates said he looks like someone especially when he was smirking. OMG. Everyone eventually burst out in laughter, which, i suppose an abnormal scene during horror movie?

It is not horror pun. It didn’t even cast any effect on people with weak heart like me. =.=


The photo generally already explained the whole movie. =.=

the-human-centipede-t-shirt    The sakai concept, in case you are interested.

Gah. I’m flooding this post with the photo from this movie because i have no photo of the celebration! All in other’s phone/camera. Sedih. :(

Coursemates, if any of you are having the photos in your phone and feeling too lazy to upload them, Yi Ting is here to rescueeeee!! (gah.) I had been the uploading machine for Ming Xiao, Pei Sang and Ade and this list is expected to continue. LOL! It’s FOC!! :P

Upload the photos A.S.A.P yeah~ :)

Did a lot of siao things ever since i came here. Hohoho!

<3 coursemates!