Girl Power Rocks! ;)

First and foremost, allow me to shoutout something:

P1140783 Happy 19th Birthday to

Hui En a.k.a. Patty Slow!!!!!!

Maybe you won’t be reading this, anyway. But just wanna tell you, fight on for STPM and make your dreams come true! I have faith in you because you one of the most excellent (in overall) people i had encountered in my life. Jia You and don’t stress too much! :)

To give Hui En a surprise, the KK kaki-s decided to record a video for her with our birthday wishes in it. Thus, i went back to KK although i did not plan to do so initially. :) After having lunch at Kheng’s Kopitiam…… the beautiful Kota Permai Gold Club, here we comeeeeeee!!!


Pretty and hot babes surrounding me, beside the pool that i used to jump down thrice in a week! Love swimming and swimming pool~ (provided, umm, not under the damned scorching sun!! Melanin are expressing their effects! No!!)

66285_436407036541_598936541_5708980_5308249_nPosers. :P  (From left: Men men Mandy Chong, Peh Peh Tan Peh Ge, me, Nie Nie Shaunie Ng, Snoopy Chew Sheen Yeen, Juju Julia Tan! )


Don’t mess with us yo!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pattern banyak-banyak.


Juju’s tee is interesting! XD


My favourite of all. Thanks Bobo, our photographer!! Pure awesome! Original photo in my Facebook profile pic. :D

DSC04031DSC04033 DSC04034DSC04036DSC04038

My sweeeeeeeet high school (and, mostly, PRIMARY SCHOOL) girlfriends. :) :) :) Clockwise from top left: Shaunie, Peh Ge, Mandy, Julia, Sheen Yeen (who’s mind is elsewhere.. WITH WHO????? :P)

Finally met Peh Ge after so many months. Get to exchange opinion on Dentistry of UM and UKM. Happy happy! =P

As the router in my house was struck with lightning (indirectly. lol) few days ago, i couldn’t go online at home….but what’s weekend without facebook and blogging? So, i was so despo that i went Shaunie house to online. Sheen Yeen came over to exchange exam paper with her. But end up she’s doing this:


Main chess dengan laptop aku!!

Nevermind, i onlined till syiok-syiok at Shaunie’s house. And my perfectly tension-free Saturday ended with mamak with 2 of them. :) And daddy bought home a new router after that. :) :)

And i got zero mood to study! I slacked throughout the whole beautiful Saturday. Oh, great. And slept like piggie on the wonderful Sunday morning. Sei, really want to become Char Siew Queen mehhhh??? o.O