Fan Xu + Over-steady Gang!

Both gangs rocks! Haha!

Their respective definitions are:
@Fan xu gang: Gang which did all sorts of fei fei fan xu stuffs.
@Over-steady gang: As the name suggested, remain steady no matter in what situation. Even when reports are not completed or exam is around the corner. Main activity: ‘PO’ EVERYWHERE! Haha!

In fact, two gangs are overlapping each other and they are made up of almost the same members. Their relationship can be represented by the Venn diagram below:



The purpose of forming this group is for 100% entertainment and syiok sendiri. LOL! The main idea is: To go “po” at least once in a week!

We sneaked out for movie in between classes, which turned the mind of the biggest fan xu, Ming Xiao, into even more unsound as he started to hallucinate that he is Donnie Yen when the body sizes are such a obvious difference (=.=). Despite of the drizzle, we walked all the way from 2nd residential college OUT OF PJ GATE all the way to KFC just to have our lunch. Lepak at the night market might be listed as our “weekly activity”. I even followed them to SS2’s hawker centre at night although i already had my dinner. LOL!

The best thing of all is when everything was decided at the eleventh hour and tada tada! the plan is on and THERE WE GO! Instead of having few-week-ago-plan, trying to accommodate a time to fit everyone’s schedule, but end up many couldn’t turn up at the last minute. Random and spontaneously planned outings are pure syiok! Moreover, when you are hanging out with these bunch of funny fei fei people, it made your abdominal muscle strains due to excessive forced expiration resulting of uncontrolled laughing!!!

As the newly recruited member of fan xu gang, i am required to introduce and *ahem ahem* P-R-O-M-O-T-E them (THEY ARE ALL STILL SINGLE AND DESPO SO IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED KINDLY CONTACT ME HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

The over-steady gang + Gary on the front right.
Behind (from left): Xuan Lin, me, Jun Yi, Ade
Front (from left): Ming Xiao, Terrence, Khai Kent, Gary

This is our TITAS/ Hubungan Etnik group actually. There are 2 more Malay coursemates as our group members but there were not in the pic. Aiyak..

The current members of Fan Xu gang (Having high probability to recruit new member. Come and register with us if you think you are as fei as us and is a ‘Po”-kaki!!!).

Behind: Jun Yi, Terrence, Khai Kent, Ming Xiao, Keng Siang. All KK2 guys. Not forgetting me acting cute in front. Oh ignore me. :P

So, anyone searching for boyfriend now??? We provide wide range of variety from 20 years old, 19 years old, 19-years-old-but-look-like-standard-6, muscle man, small-sized-but-think-that-he-is-buff (HAHAHA), 001, 002, Athletes, Swimmer, Jogging partner, baby face, monk, Chicken Little, Parkinson (i-did-not-come-out-with-this!!), molar teeth, big big char siewwwww…. Name it!!!

Ohmigosh. =____=


These 3 pretty ladies are the so-called pre-FanXu which have the chance to become one of the member. LOL! From left: Xuan Lin, Geok Hoon, Ade. Xuan Lin and Ade are already in the over-steady gang. HAHAHA!

DSC03990  4 of us. I <3 themmmmmmm~ :) :) :)


They rocks! :) *oops few person missing!*


Food that the guys ate when we went to SS2’s hawker centre. I had my lunch in Dewan Makan although the dinner was near-awful. Gah!!


They eat, i snap. Hah! :P

Anyway, ‘po’ also have it’s own limit considering my mock test is in one week time (*GASP GASP*) and i’m not done with revision yet! Seniors, please don’t look at my mock test result, i know it is going to be reaaaaally crappy (even before i sit for the paper!) @.@! So, to lessen my guiltiness, i had listed BBG, the study room in 2nd Residential College as my latest ‘po’ place. With air-conditioned comfort and silence (depending on the situation). Toilet renovation are carried out at my floor and the sound are really driving me mad! The situation is worsen with the silly laughters and real-loud-crap-talkings-and-unreasobale-screamings from neighbouring rooms. If i have to study in that environment i can write an essay with all the foul and bad words (actually, i doubt if i can? I don’t have vast vocabs in that. The worst word i had scolded frequently is only “KNS”, afterall. =.=)

Lunching with my KK girlfriends later, having ICT outing tomorrow, Faculty performance on Thurs. Guess there might be few post coming soon! :)

Study hard, play even harder, and have minimal 5 hours of nap. And IT WILL BE A FULFILLING LIFE! ;)

DSC03977 To anyone as playful as me, High 5!!

P/s: btw, in case you are wondering, fan xu = sweet potato. lol~