Dental’s MMPS’10. My coursemates rocks!

*Oh shyt. this is the 2nd time i typed all these thing because my laptop restart by itselfs and everything i typed gone case just like this. @.@"*

Anyway.. MMPS stands for Malam Mesra Pelajar & Staff, previously known as Seniors-Freshies Night but changed its name due to some reason. Although we had whined a little of not having time to study, i even ended up with swollen eyes due to unknown reason, but even practises can be fun and enjoyable! Because we tend to do the most unexpected and random things…

Like KL-gate-burger at 12.00am as supper? :P

DSC04103 - Copy

Over-steady gang members with our burgers! From left,Keng Siang, Ming Xiao, me, Terrence, Adeline, Xuan Lin, Jun Yi and Khai Kent.


Swt generation + Very Relax gang. Another gang with weird name is 2nd college. And we boycott each other openly (if you regard this as a sign of disunity. lol.) My walking-mates every morning to class! :)


The famous KL gate burger as it is sold my a stall at the KL gate of University of Malaya.. Umm.. not bad lo~

And it’s the real event now!


The backdrop. Cute molars!! :P

DSC04117  Rows of doorgifts.


Ohmygosh? Donnie Yong carry Muscle Man??? 100% original + 0% photoshop! *temporomandibular joint dislocate and mandible drops!*


  Swit Ching, my twin because we always coincidently wear the blouse of same colour to class. And we did that again this night! Haha!


Sweet and cute best friends in UM. ;)


See Yee, my mommy during the performance. Didn’t get to take photo with her in her costume as she changed almost immediately after the show. Aiyaaaaa…

Introduce you our awesome dancers!


Very shuai 2nd college girls, dancers of “Genie”.


Adorable 1st college girls, dancers for “Oh!”. Don’t they look so sweet???? :)

72564_1376615386195_1556179576_30809094_2542200_n -

Some of us for the fashion show.



  Actually basically it is my oh-when-it-is-late-primary-or-early-secondary? t-shirt, my newly bought skirt (very “chio” isn’t it? Love at first sight!!), socks from Ade and my prop, Mika the bear bear!

I played the role as little kid while See Yee is my pregnant mommy. LOL. Such elements in fashion show. Hahahahaha! One of my coursemate said she was too busy laughing until they didn’t shriek my name (we did that for the whole night: scream other’s name while they are on stage and make them forget their steps for a moment. HAHAHA!). Ummm… that means the effect is not bad then. XD


KMK sisters, Xuan Lin and Ade. The bear bear is from both of them and other KMK sisters on my 18th Birthday! And now it has it’s use! :P


The so-called “boyfriend” for 2 hours. LOL. It makes you amazed at the speed-of-transmission-of-gossips-in-dental-fac. Faster than lightning! Ohmigosh! ~.~


Fan xu gang! Da ge is missing. Aiyaaaa~ The people who always bring me go “po”, but we are very good this week because we didn’t “po”.. Quote one of them, “Don’t even have time to sleep, you still want to go out???” Haha~ Like one big family. Whee~


Over steady gang!

  67488_167572929924627_100000157622545_588754_160001_n    The first year people. Wohoo~



2nd, 3rd and Final year buddies with my cobuddy, Edward.


A complete buddyline photo, finally! From left, Edward, Wil Liam (3rd), Shir Inn (2nd), Eunice (Final), Bee Chin (4th) and me! Love them all~ *Hugs*

It’s Friday and i’m slacking already. My swollen eyes don’t put me in the mood to study. :S

And i love my coursemates! :)