Burger-cake Birthdays. ;)

The one and only special birthday CAKE, made up of over 30 KL-gate burgers. Woot. Who says science students can't be creative? =P


Specially for the celebrated ones:


Qi Yi and Ming Xiao~ =)


It says it all. Haha…

So, after a week, we are back to our favourite hang out place for birthday celebration again! Wohoo~ Guess we all need some weekly entertainment during this stress-filling period, contributed by the coming exam.  Why am i not feeling too tension? Hmm hmmm..

And well, considering Ming Xiao as one of the most fan xu people in the fan xu gang, we made this one and only one (again) present for him! Bwahahaha! My brilliant idea. ;)


Birthday wishes ON a real sweet potato (fan xu)! YES IT IS REAL. Didn’t stole it, though. I randomly asked my mom whether there is sweet potato in the fridge and YEA, took one of it for entertainment purpose. I believe it is quite rotten inside (EWWWWWW) as it was taken since..what?..last Sunday? :P

People use brain to memorise Anatomy and i use brain for weird ideas like this. Wheeeee~

Back to the celebration: 69076_10150289681300096_700260095_15815062_3416628_n

The thing that made everyone screaming as if we are riding a roller coaster!!!!

72573_10150289681405096_700260095_15815068_980515_n73866_10150289681455096_700260095_15815069_8199783_n DSC04401DSC04397 

It turned us into ghost!!! @.@

And more havoc coming ahead:


Take 1: Serious.

37959_10150289681570096_700260095_15815074_5331323_nTake 2: RWARRRRR!!!!! Hahahahahahaha! If you notice (i doubt any does other than myself) i was actually not in this photo because i had ran away from the red zone, i.e. 1 metre from Khai Kent. ><!!

I ended up with a grey shirt instead of my initially-black-coloured-tee. Walao!!!
Still better than watching pointless movie, though. :P

Happy Birthday to Ming Xiao (29 Oct) and Qi Yi (31 Oct) again!!! Become more leng zai and more fei!!! Haha!


P/s: tumpang one whole bunch of fOOOOOOOOOOOOOd photos here. :P


Lou Xu Fan in Claypot @ Murni. Not really nice. Too salty. Keep chewing on the same thing for like 10 minutes doesn’t contribute to much stimulation of taste bud. =X


Peanut Tong Sui. Taste like one sorts of cookies made during CNY that i used to love very much (but it keep sticking to my teeth so UGH.)

And my Mr. Baoz dedications… :DDSC04340


Cheese pao from Adeline. :) I believe it will taste nicer if it is hot! Hahaha..

DSC04342 DSC04345

Chicken Satay Pao from Pei Sang~ Thanks!!

Can you believe i ate ALL the food above within ONE NIGHT! CRAZYYYYY! I’m trying to enlarge the capacity of my stomach, eh?


Last but not least,


My very chio pair of shoes for class~ <3 <3 <3

I know this shoes doesn’t related to any food above. Saje. :P

Going home to have Secret Recipe cake tonight! Wuhuuuuuuu~ :D


  1. 你跟你的BUDDY诗韵很像...常常想出特别(奇怪?)的东西出来....HAHA...

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Like big buddy like small buddy. XD


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