Anatomy gets funny.


The guide book for Anatomy prosection *ignore my ugly toes please*. An item which contribute to headache or mood-swing or sulky mood or any negative mood. Because when i want to have my eyes glued at Snell and Netter (the two very important Anatomy textbook) for hours with this as the reference, it makes my heart sank deep deep DEEP into the… longkang (?!) : it makes you feel stupid looking at all those alien scientific terms..


I reckon Anatomy lecturers are understanding enough to notice this saddening phenomenon among their students, or they are really gifted with humour sense. Because some unusual lines actually came out in such serious academic reference..



 Very.straight.forward. Ok lo. Don’t slack already lo. Study lo. Ming Xiao said he is going to expel me from the gang if i’m unable to get a minimum of 2A’s in my 1.2 exam. *Throw-back-head-and-laugh-out-loud-and-accidentally-choked* Ummm… i guess sometimes it is ok to DREAM BIG. lol.

And this:DSC04300

If no boyfriend? Then look at the mirror and flirt at ownself? LOL. What with all these girlfriend boyfriend thing. No wonder other fan xu-s are so despo. Cuz’ no one contact me after i promote them in my previous blog posts. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Pure random discoveries. :P