Why everyone wants to diet?


Top 10 reason why people (especially teenage GIRLS) always clamour for dieting:

  1. Many pretty clothes in the market are small-sized.
  2. Many pretty clothes only look good on small-sized people! Flabby arms are big no-no. Elephant-legs are hideous under adorable mini skits.
  3. Small-sized girl can wear both light and dark-coloured clothes but plump girls only suits dark-coloured clothes.
  4. It is depressing when S is consider big for your close friends but you can only fit in a M.
  5. It is saddening when your friends are wearing pants of 23-25 inches but you are so NOT!
  6. It is difficult for you to exchange clothes with your friends because you cant fit in theirs. :(
  7. It is suicide-causing (lol) when a tall friend of yours yelling “oh my i’m fat because my weight is XXkg”, when you are short and you shares the same weight as her.
  8. It makes you feel like deleting any photos with your chubby face in it.
  9. It is embarrassing to show anyone your medical report with your weight in it.
  10. It is even more embarrassing when your boyfriend wants to carry you and crap! You are so heavy! (pure imagination and hypothesis)

Oh, this is so sad.


The worse thing of all, after listing down all these, it doesn’t keep me from doing this:


I want to fit in pretty clothes one also leh. =S


Oh by the way, went pakto with my beloved 3th sis, Hui Yi at Times Square yesterday. From family gathering to pakto. Oh well.

Yet it is still enjoyable! Watched Residents Evil: Afterlife. Syiok! Nice movie. :)

Resident Evil Afterlife poster47470_156516974375182_100000506401022_462557_4166837_n Hui Yi didn’t random-talk today! Oh my~ So abnormal lor. Normally she will make me and Ying Sze stopped halfway way when we are walking, and find the nearest tiang to hug. Ahh~ Miss those good old days. Who says matrics life is torturous and unbearable? If you didn’t lead that life before, don’t even to make comment on it and spread it out as rumours. Saying how bad and how low-class is matrics. I’m missing it already. =X

47395_156516417708571_100000506401022_462551_6617162_nHer typical pose is still here. :D

Well, well, time to get back to work, girl. :)


  1. all women around the world will agree wif u! haha

  2. amazing.... the truth is revealed!!!! Finally.. guys are 1 step closer to understanding the female species....


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