Popular Hot Babe?

This phenomenon has been flooding social network in recent years: fan page of any pretty and cute girls with over thousand of fans. I admit they are pretty. Very, very pretty. Nevertheless, don’t you think they all actually look alike?

Well actually, anyone can become like that, being chased after over thousand of fans, be it a bunch of pervert uncles or whatever. LOL. Just follow the following tips! (Ah, i did not think each of them. Got inspiration to write this post after reading at one similar comment on some stranger’s blog. :P)

1. Hair:


They have similar hairstyle. First, it must be long. As LONG as possible. Then, DYE it. Next, if possible, CURL it. And YES! You got those dolly hair: long, thick, brown, curled up like a cute and elegant princess. And with that, you can play with all sorts of hairdo!

2. Make-up:

fake_eyelashes_15 A MUST! You don’t see them posting up photos without make-up, exposing their pale and actually-quite-sepet-eyes. So, go to the nearest shop and get mascara, fake eyelashes (AT LEAST one pair!), eyeliners, coloured contact lens that make your iris looks bigger, yada yada.. Don’t look down at these products: It can turn your eyes into a power-station that can work better than those near your house now! Want to have mesmerising dolly face [with the emphasis on the BIG BIG BIIIIIG eyes; eyeballs can fall out from eye-socket anytime]? MAKE UP lah!

3. Photoshop.

46385_426979203455_355496738455_5135481_6391389_n Photoshop= best cosmetic product. In case you are really tired of applying and removing make-up and rather sit lifelessly in front of your laptop. Photoshop can do ANYTHING! Remove any ugly scars that couldn't be covered with 10cm thick foundation!

4. Cleavage:

[ahem. no photo to be displayed in a decent blog. –.-]

Especially if your fan page have a gang of hungry wolfs eyeing for sexy and juicy babes. And you are open-minded enough at those praising comments like “you make my nose bleed” or “you make me wanna xxx”. Oh kay. Shall not go further. But seriously, your boobs can certainly win your long skinny legs. LOL.

5. Cute pose:

128846746641877594 Emphasise on those which make you look innocent! It is not abnormal when you open an photo album, the whole album of 30 photos are all taken (obviously) at the same time, with the same clothes, at the same place.
The head: first straight, then tilt to the left, then to the right, then to the left again.
The mouth: show teeth at first, then no teeth, then pig face, then pout lips, then poke out tongue, then smile again.
The hand: first show “v”, then inverted “v”, then “5”, then “0” (playing paper, scissors, stone?)
The eyes: both eyes open, close left eye, close right eye, make pig face, open both as big as possible again (need to close-up somemore, show their blue/purple/grey/green/red iris)

6. Fan page:

Fan Page BackgroundAs mentioned b4, get a fan page! And add as many people as possible! Fuyoh it makes you so popular although you might be just an ordinary school/college girl in real life.

7. Camera angle:

lego-digital-cameraCamwhore skill need to be very good. A good angle is vital in producing good photo. Try to take photo slightly from higher angle because it make your face looks small (YES YES IT WORKS. Experiment conducted. =.=). But going beyond that, sorry, will make you look like some sort of dead fish. *roll eyes*

8. Pretty and sexy clothes:

[go dig from your own wardrobe]

You don’t usually see them in normal tee and short pants (that you wear to sleep). You would usually see them dressed up damn nice, with all the accessories, sexy clothes exposing here and there *see no evil*, etc. So, before you want to get popular with this way, stuff your wardrobe full first. With all sorts of colour!

9. Slim:

1248827799-anorexia duh. you wont see a obese lady having fan page like this. People think it is gross. Those with these fan page has height over 160 and weight start with the digit “4” (or “3”?? Oh my.). I failed liao loh. Our world only favour slim girls. That can fit in bikini without showing any inch of disgusting fat dangling around her tummy. No flabby and jelly arms. Or else, what do you think those slimming centres doing in shopping centres?

10. Definitely not me: Because i got no cosmetics [Yeah even my only eyeliner had gone disappear. TRUST ME! I didn’t even use lip gloss. Sometimes i doubt whether my sex-gene is really XX.], i don’t own those sexy body, my hair is black and short, and i have no time to camwhore like that [you think getting one perfect shoot is that easy oh?]. Well this 10th point is not a point actually. I’m just out of point to write already. :P

There’s no ugly women but lazy women. Wanna be popular? Try these! Hah!

P/s: I’m not referring to anyone. So don’t sue me. Don’t terasa please. If you think i’ve offended you, you simply admitted you are one of them. I don’t hate pretty girls. I camwhore too.  I adore natural pretty girls, and i have been surrounded with them. :)