Photoshop Prank again!

Feel like writing something but don’t know what to write.

So i decided to write something on hair.

But my hair has nothing special. It is basically structure-less, style-less and plain. Because the main purpose of cutting it short is to let my grow longer at the same length. And, damn, i miss my long hair. =.= Short hair is never of my preference. Partially thanks to my primary school nightmare, whereby i was somehow forced by mommy to keep only short hair, nay, the awful+terribly-hideous mushroom hair. Hate hate hate! I know some of my KK girlfriends can remember that look of mine. LOL.  

Nevertheless, my hair has natural shades of brown and many people actually asked, jokingly or not, whether i had dyed my hair before. And i will jokingly reply “No la. Natural one la. Good la. I can save on cost to dye my hair ma.”

Ironically, i feel like dying my hair now.


I want this!

prettia  Cassis Berry detail 

New bubble dye that few of us (me, Adeline, Geok Hoon) spotted in Watson @ Mid Valley during our movie night. And then, few days later, i saw it in the supermarket again. Hand itchy want to try. Yet i think it sort of a waste to try on my short-short hair. Hmm.. wait?

Another reason why i want LONG hair now is because i want to try thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long time ago! Ahh!


I want curly-curly hair! :(

They are so chio! :((

Maybe it doesn’t really suit me but i just feel like trying it once. Just once. Like my sotong hair (LOL-it-actually-turned-out-different-from-my-expectation-but-nevermind-it-is-all-over-hahaha) Still, i want curly hair!

Nevertheless, if i start collecting RM1 per day and after 100 days, i think i better get myself a wig instead of waiting for my hair to grow to the desired length. Seriously. ToT

So, to satisfy myself a little, besides filling up my idle hours, i decided to fool with my dusty Photoshop again. Photoshop prank! Ahha!

and the result is:










DSC03407 copy  LOL Holy crap.

Nevermind. It is merely for entertainment purpose. Anyone having myocardial infarction out there?

Hope not.

It is nevermind to dream big right?

Just like how i dreamt to swallow the dental academic books + notes and pass my 1st year safely (didn’t even dream of Viva distinction man).

And, shyt, what am i doing here? >o<

Study la weih. =X

P/s: Anyone wants outdoor photoshoot again? Hand itchy want to play with anyone’s DSLR. Wahaha!