Photoshop obsession.

Bored. Studying make me sick. Puke. Vomit. Reading over and over again but can’t understand. Missing that lecture is really THAAAAT bad! I don’t give a damn of what what first branchial arch, formation of head, this process fuse that process, embryo fold here fold there, this nerve that nerve.. argh! Sometimes i think i’m just too stupid to study dentistry. I doubt the capacity of my minute cerebrum. What what freaking top student is already the history. Sedih!

The thought made me merajuk with Oral Histology fifth edition by A.R. Ten Cate, the book i lend from dental library. Damn! Oral Biology should be the easiest subject among the 4 main ones and i couldn’t manage it. Not mentioning the murderer of Tee Yi Ting: Anatomy. Sigh!

So, instead of burning the book (if i continue to cram those thing in my raging head), i get some other things to soothe myself. Watching movie online? Trying to control 1 movie per day. The Last Air Bender, A Walk to Remember, Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia…. what else? recommend! :D

Photoshop? Is nice to play with. Guess what, now i understand why some people (or some blogger, if you know who i mean) just LOVE to photoshop every single photo of them before they post them up in their blogs. Making their eyes go blinky-blinky, face as smooth as baby’s butt, lips as juicy and kissable as.. whatever. Because if you are good enough, when you look at your end product, it makes you go OMG-WULALA-IS-THAT-ME-OMG-I’M-SO-LENG-HAHAHA. Why? Because i tried it:


This is the normal me, black hair (wait my hair isn’t thaaat black!), sepet eyes, yellow skin, typical Chinese. Frankly i don’t find myself cute. Really really not cute. I can’t sense any cuteness in myself! =X

And the abnormal me?

DSC03661 Ahh. I know i got obsession to add fake hair to my face. =.=

I didn’t edit anything on my face. Just that i recapture the image i edited with my handphone and it comes out like this! Which is quite…nice! *and which is not the real me LOL*

Thus, it is understandable and forgivable for people to photoshop their own face. Nevertheless, it should be noted that these time-consuming activity are only for 2 types of people:

1. Freaking free
2. People with low-self esteem / self-confidence.

I’m one with low-self esteem but i have no freaking time to edit EVERY SINGLE PIC WITH MY FACE INSIDE. Come on, i rather use that time to sleep. Seriously.

Whatever it is, PHOTOSHOP is a good tool to cheat people. lol.

And as the ending of this wu liao post,


Sent my wishes through sms to my close matrics tutorial/practicum mates, ex-roommies and not forgetting my Yasmin jie jie yang tersayang! Haha! ;)

Genting tomorrow! Whee~


  1. In order to survive in Dentistry, you don't need to be a genius to do so!! It all goes down to your personality! What I believe in is that being optimistic is very very important! Never let those negative thoughts bug you! You learn to appreciate dentistry if you keep an open mind and heart! This is what I think lah...

    Why don't you ask advice from other buddies to see what they say... First year is the best! Enjoy it while you can! :)

  2. Okie buddy! Thanks! Not so emo already la. Just that sometimes feel very tense when got so many things to catch-up but i'm still so playfull. I'll try to be optimistic. :)


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