Lantern Festival???

Had one of my most pathetic lantern festival. No tanglung no candles. Only our beloved Anatomy books, Snell and Netter. Sedih sedih amat sedih. :(

Didn’t get to do anything crazy. It’s a super hectic week and i’m lucky to have time to crap these stuffs. Ahh~

Nevertheless, at least i went to PTUM (Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya)’s expo. LOL. Well, at least it is something related. Huhu.

Some little thing found during expo:DSC03788

Reminds me of my TITAS project. =.=

DSC03793 DSC03794

Played with the statue inside. LOL. My head doesn’t fit the hole. =.=

Received some dedications with some related to Lantern Festival:DSC03780

From my 2nd year buddy, Shir Inn. :)


From Xuan Lin. :D

Missed our good old days in matrics for our Lantern Festival Celebration! :( :(


Our awesome candle formation~


With colourful lanterns…

P9270705 copy

And most of all, my dearest sisters!!!! :O

Miss you all already. Huhu.

Anyway, did some crazy and random things today. Like sneaking out for movie between clases (when we are actually undone with what should be done!) We are the over-steady gang. Ah-ha-hahh..

Physio lab is fun for this week! Refer Facebook for more photos. Hahaha!


Played with this!


Taking blood pressure. Cannot laugh so i smile broad-broad lo. :P

Off to Cultural Night @ Dental Fac for International Physiology Quiz. Didn’t join. Just kepoh. :P

Study Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard! Smile on!