Jakun Lunch. XD

When we are together, we tend to get high and jakun at small thing. Common characteristics of Kota Kemuning people. Or perhaps only us? XD

A sudden thought of having lunch at Herbaline @ Kota Kemuning struck Mandy’s cerebrum, and after some phone calls and sms-es, tada we are here!

m_pg12squareThe outlook of Herbaline. People come here for spa and massage but we come here for food. HAAAAHAHA. Btw this photo was stolen from the World Wide Web. ;)

As for the photos below, those with my name are taken from my phone while the rest are from Mandy’s beloved Lulu, her new Lumix DSLR. XD


Insight of the restaurant. Clean, peaceful, and comfortable environment. Suitable for chit-chatting! :D


Previously it was known with the name “Little Ben” but i reckon they either changed the owner or the menu. Sigh. No more RM4.90 SET LUNCH! (Have i mentioned that i last came here when i was working in Ogawa’s HQ? It was just walking distance from here. That was more than one year back and i realised I'm unsuitable for office work. =.=)


The free lemongrass tea which i dare not drink. =X The smell!


 Aku dengan kawan-kawanku yang cantik sekali, from left: Sheen Yeen, Shaunie, Julia, Mandy.


Sheen Yeen study too much for her STPM trials, which explains why is she behaving weirdly in these photos. Mood swing! Hah! (I can critic her kao kao here because she’s not going to online and read this anyway. =P )

62581_428992421541_598936541_5560403_3542982_nShaunie, another STPM taker, busy finding the trace of green tea powder from her green tea sandwich. LOL!


Men Men practically plays with everything which enter her vision. Even candles!


Me. Nah saja act cute. lalala.

Not forgetting to mention that the foods over here emphasize on health. They adapt the concept LOHAS (Lifestlye of Health and Sustainbility). So if you don’t mind paying more for healthy food, come here! Provided that you are not picky towards veges. We all have corns in our meals!!


Shaunie’s green tea sandwich. And a cupful of shiny shiny corns! At least they appear shiny here. XD


Julia’s Mushroom Chicken Chop. Chicken lurking underneath the veges and mushrooms. Haha!


Sheen Yeen and my Cheeze Fish Chop which has both cube potato and mashed potato. Variety on textures? :P And Oh, i didn’t finish that mini mountain of vege there. I’m still quite picky towards food, i suppose.


Mandy’s roti jagung. She likes to order weird things from the menu. XD


Play with food!

Returned home afterwards as the others need to continue their revisions. Looking forward for a time slot that we can really go out and play till we drop again, like what we LOVE to do last time. They are hibernating their playful gene. Should i hibernate mine too? Hmm~

Going back tomorrow. Sigh! Sigh not because i will miss home very very much since i’m already a PBSM (Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu)’s active member. Sigh because i’ll be loaded with assignments and whatsoever again! :(