Chilling in Genting

Going to Genting during peak season is not a wise move, afterall. Nevertheless, parents can only bring their children there during public holiday as they are not working, right? Still, it took me almost an hour to wait for a ride! My gosh!

It was so freaking C-O-L-D in Genting. I was jumping up and down, working on my skeletal muscle to generate more heat. LOL. My silly brothers went for the Sg. Rajang-thingy ride somemore which made them partially drenched and even colder. Gah. Stupiak.

Managed to snapped some nice photos! :DP1170967

First thing we played. :)

P1170985 copy

Rainbow colours! Love love love!


Up in the sky. :D


I <3 colours. :))

And the Berly’s Chocolate Land. It was not here when i last visited here. It proves that how looooong time ago it was. o.o


Cute. :P

Didn’t get to try much ride due to time constrain, weather factor, and the sensitivity of cold receptor. LOL. I love bumper boat although the queue is so time-consuming and it made my pants wet. LOL!

Not forgetting to mention this: bunch of uncivilised kids! Not 1, not 2, but i had encountered these annoying children for more than 3 times! They just squeeze themselves through the crowd and try to cut my queue. Hello? Doesn’t mean that you look like 10 years old (or even younger) and i have to tolerate with you. Yet they are not my siblings and considering the fact that “uncivilised children come from uncivilised parents, and i don’t want to got smashed into human biscuit”, i did not scold them in the face. Just stared at their back and asked my siblings to stay close with each other. Managed to squeeze them to the back of the queue again. Serve them right!

Children are adorable, but these uneducated ones (who run around without adult’s supervision. Gracious.) really deserve some lesson.



Out from Genting! With my cheeks still pinkish as if i had applied some blush. Oh, it was that cold! *shivers*

That’s all for now, signing off! :)