YawYaw’s Birthday & Convo

38714_10150226151495096_700260095_14342817_7574717_n  1st August 2010. :D

Went to 1st college to celebrate our coursemate, Ka Yaw’s birthday. This is the gang! The 2nd Secret Recipe cake since i came to UM: Tiramisu! Hahahaha. I love all the parts of the event except for the part Steve dirtied my face (and Xuan Lin’s) with cream. lol. I bathed and washed my face before i went there!!!!!! Steve Tang Yee Chyuan!!!!! i BOYCOTT you!


Yaw Yaw’s Birthday present, which they named it as “Xiao Qi Yi” as Qi Yi was the one who represented us and pass the bear to her. And from that day onwards, whenever i see teddy bears, it reminds me of Qi Yi. =_=

And through such celebration, it actually made me realise something:orientation is actually beneficial. For example, for some Uni or other courses, there might be some obvious ganging-up although the number of students are like about..20+? And with that amount of students, the students might still be unable to recognise their coursemates completely. Yet, for us, it was like 35 of us are in a big gang. Of course it is not so possible for 35 person to move around together at all time, but at least there’s no obvious ganging-up among us. We mix around freely, tease and disturb each other, spreading hot words(*), have meals together if we happen to come back together, go outing together, sleep during lecture together and receive missed calls together (=.=), and celebrate birthdays together! I believe you can hardly remember your coursemates’ birthdays if not because you are somehow FORCED to memorise it. Although the process of FORCED-memorising might be torturous, but don’t you think is so warm when your coursemates remember your birthday, nay, almost every single of them celebrate your birthday with you? ;)

(*) The current hot words among 1st year dental students of UM:

  1. TUDIO!
  2. 吃鞋 (Chi Xie i.e. eat shoes)
  3. 番薯 (Fan shu i.e. Sweet potato but not that kind that Mandy likes. lol)
  4. 废材 (Fei Chai)

And i think the list will be continued.. no?


Anyway, it was convo week and no matter what happened last time/ still happening now, i reckon we still need to show our respects. So, here comes us the uninvited ones with a big banner in front of DTC.

39970_10150226151960096_700260095_14342838_7732544_n I still don’t understand why you guys say the molar on banner looks like Jun Yi. GOT MEH????

Heartache at some moment. Well, we don’t need them to bring us to TGI Friday or Jogoya, or the one box-full of notes/book, or anything. We just want…… a smile. And it is already difficult and impossible enough. Is there really no way to save this situation? We are nobody, we have no buddy. =X


2nd Stove. The stall from my residential college at the convo stalls. Since our canteen was not open on Wed and Thurs in conjunction with this thingy, we have to walk all the way to DTC to eat. Nevertheless, many prefer to settle themselves at the mamak stall of 2nd college. Bwahaha.

Makan-makan time with coursemates! ;) That cappuccino ice-blend in my hand was tasteless. =.=


It’s raining!


The cool and the cheerful ones. Wahaha!


3 of us again. Taken during the Pre-convo at our new fac. Didn’t get to watch anything tho due to limited space.

Meanwhile, in the room…..
We are damn sehati sejiwa.. 3 same tin of biscuits in a room!
Even milk also the same. LOL. We can advertise Jacobs and Dutch Lady for free already. Gah.

And here comes my weekly habit: exhibiting photos taken during physio lab. I really like to jakun around. Waaaaahahahahahahahahah.

DSC03254This time, we have MR FROGGIE in the lab! Is a FROG not a TORTOISE (Note note Mr Deffrey Chuah Chun Ee!). Xuan Lin keep laughing at this photo. lol.

The muscle of frog at the leg section. Conducting experiment regarding the contraction of skeletal muscle. See how the hung-up muscle twitch with the electrical voltage conducted to it! SOT the FROG! ;)

That’s all for the moment. Waiting for photos from Ying Sze’s camera to blog about our awesome KMK gathering @ Mid valley yesterday! I love cakap-cakap!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D