Upgraded twice in a day

Upgraded as in from freshie to junior. For both faculty and residential college. lol.

Actually i don’t know how to start this post larh. There are so so so so so so so so so so so many things happened in this week, yet some of them are not too suitable to be blogged in a public blog.

Whatever it is,

I’m freeeeeeeeeeee from restless night! I’m able to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

I guess that matter the most.. not!

I’d just experienced what it is “先苦后甜”. Bitter-first-and-sweet-next. LOL. Ignore that lousy translation of mine but basically it means gaining happiness after working hard like hell. And yeah, that’s exactly me, because after all those restless night + whole row fall asleep in lecture hall + almost crashed body system of some coursemates + dark eye circle darker than panda’s + sepet eyes sepet-er than ikan bilis (?!) + roaming like soul without body + can even fall asleep right IN FRONT of lecturer during tutorials + den-like room due to accumulating cardboards & rubbish + etc. etc. etc…..

Finally here comes the sweetest part of all: Buddy-line! =D

Although we had not done anything together yet but i’m starting to love my buddies. LOL. Maybe because i find them very nice people to talk to and it is the buddyline that treat me exceptionally well in this period (or at least i feel so la. =P) And they are those who i look for after i was being circled and scolded by others. Sometimes i really don’t have the urge to shed any tears, but when i got someone to express myself after those things, it made my tears roll down uncontrollably. LOL. Happy to be in this line and hope to know them further! ;D

< no photo to be displayed at the moment. Stay Tuned. XD>

Anyway, other than this thing in the faculty, we also upgraded from freshies to junior through this college event called the Senior-Freshies Night. Something like prom night, larh. Yet if you are looking for photos of mine which make you go “ Wuahhhh! OMG!!! Is this you??? You look so different in make-up!!! Your eyes become bigger by 10 times!!!”, then sorry to disappoint you but i went there with zero make-up. Wahaha. The same old puffy sepet eyes (after so many night with 1 hour nap somemore OMG). I realise my eyes are really small. Like really really small. Macam ni: (-.-)

Not much photos taken cz apparently my phone cant really take good photo in dark (i-want-a-DSLR-arghhh!). Quite a number of them are either in coursemate’s phone or my senior partner’s cam. Not forgetting my senior partner, Guan Boon is a really nice and gentleman senior indeed! :D


Some photos with (mostly) coursemates in 2nd college. ;)

Gotta start studying already, for real! Lazy larh. =X