Tooth carving… (!!!)

It was a perfect Saturday morning which people prefer to sleep until the sunshine pierce into their room and scorch their butts but I'm awake at freaking 7.30 am! OMG! *surprised-look-plus-bulging-eyes*. Oh well, actually it is quite normal. My close acquaintance (especially KMK people) certainly knows that i can wake up even earlier than that. LOL.

But WTH had i done so early in the morning? Peeping over monkeys that might enter my room anytime (lol)? I actually did this:


Da Lang Da Lang~ TOOTH CARVING! Dental students certainly know what is this. Initially planned to keep this for holiday but since the lecturer said she want to see the progression in the following week, i don’t think it is suitable to show her the 4 clean, pure, and untouched blocks of POP (Plaster of Paris)? So, do something lorh. I’m using the block given by my buddy, Shir Inn instead. Far nicer to be worked on. Or else if i intend to carve on lecturer’s POP without dipping into water, it might take me forever to get it done. lol.

And i completed 2 out of the 3 teeth i’m suppose to carve! The result is here! 90% done, still need to do some trimming here and there. If any dental seniors happened to read this, please don’t laugh. I know they looked awful. >o<


1st permanent maxillary premolar. Note the broken root. LOL. I used UHU glue to stuck it back because after my hard work of 2 hours, it is impossible to ask me to throw it away JUST LIKE THAT! *heartache*

Note: the white one is the carved one and the yellow one is in the set of sample teeth given by lecturer.


Second permanent maxillary molar. Standing still in the white desert. Hahahahaha!

After this thing, please don’t call me an artistic person because i am NOT! I was actually quite excited when lecture first mentioned about this tooth-carving thingy but after i tried it, it is definitely not something easy like playing with cardboard, glue, scissors, and colourful papers. Gah. My products looks as cacat-ed as ever and it seems very hard to be corrected. But i really don’t want to throw ‘em away~ My babies~

Another one left to be done in the Raya holidays. HOLIDAYS! WOOT! 2 FREAKING WEEKS! *leaping up to the moon*. Logically i shouldn’t feel THAAAAAT excited. Back in KMK, i did not step into my home sweet home for freaking 2 months and when holiday is finally here, i would be walking around with elated smile and behave a little like those characters in Happy Tree Friends. Super duper happy. Mom’s cooking, shopping in BIG shopping complex, superb internet connection, welcoming the life in big city AGAIN after 2 months! C’mon, who is not excited? And now i am in UM, in KUALA LUMPUR, and being an almost-active member of PBSM (Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu), there seems no reason for me to be over-exicited but hey, i’m meeting up with friends who i missed like hell! Movies! Yam-cha! Mamak! Sleepover (if possible)! GATHERINGS! Missed my KK and KMK friends like crazy and have loads to share with them. That’s why holidays are needed URGENTLY! ;)

And i shall start studying in holidays. My box(es) of books. Oh my…

Even a Merdeka holiday makes me go lalala. I’m a typical teen and student. Gah.

Let’s wait for holidays, people. I know you are equally excited too. :)) No need to bother about calling taxi drivers and booking air ticket this time! Damn convenient now. I LOVE my parents weih! ;)

P/s: Youngest bro suddenly date me to…..the badminton court because my 2nd bro refused to do so. lol. And OMG, playing badminton with a energetic Form1 dude seriously make yourself feels old. Mana stamina saya????

P/s: I’m losing the habit, bit by bit. Is being busy a reason to this? I don’t know.