Prezzies for Buddies (oh it rhymes!)

It is Friday but i’m feeling so slacky. I guess the whole thing of “Selangor is having holiday on Fri but KL is not so I have class while the Catholic High School people (which is just FEW KILOMETERS from me) have no school not fair not fair NOT fair!” is making my mind a bit unsound now. Which made me feel like waking up as late as possible and feel like skipping the unimportant classes of the whole day, and rot in my room. Ahh!

Back from buddy outing yesterday! Love ‘em! My lovely buddies are definitely a great bunch of people to talk to. 6 of us manage to squeeze in one car but the destination changed from Full House to Santini@Tropicana City. Awwww~Full House.. wanted to try it long time ago. Someone bring me there in the raya hol! ;)


Had a great time chatting with buddies, from the monkey-mouse issue that make the whole car vibrate (ok that’s a bit of exaggeration =P) to teasing my 3rd year buddy, William for not knowing the meaning of 艳遇 (yan yu) and much more. LOL! BTW have i mentioned that my tiny room is so attractive to monkey (and not to me!) that a monkey actually paid me a visit while i was facebooking. That adorable (ugh) creature peeped me through the window and we had eye contact for a few second. You look at me, i look at you. But sorry to disappoint you but there is no electricity generated between that 2 pairs of eyes (duh. =.=) and instead, it activated my larynx, i swear it made me freeze and screamed at it, if not continuously, for at least 3 seconds. Gah! They are giving me ghostbumps! I know their DNA are similar to human and they signify my two oh-so-beloved brothers, but STILL! @.@

Blah. Enough of that. Photo time! ;) ;) ;)

DSC03490  DSC03492DSC03491

My hot chocolate and omg-what’s-it’s-name-again-it-is-so-hard-to-be-pronounced spaghetti. Tehee. Plate damn big. lol. Spaghetti is cheesy!


Not forgetting on Monday, my 2nd year buddy, Shir Inn brought me and my co-buddy, Edward out to have dinner in this restaurant together with other 2nd+1st-year-buddies. This is Roti Hawaii, it has cheese and it tastes like pizza!


Even not forgetting we too celebrated Zhao Xuan’s birthday in Secret Recipe on Mon! And i had Blueberry Cheese Cake for lunch!

What’s what’s the similarity of the 3 photos about?
There are ALL cheeeeeeeeeese related! :D
I love cheeeeeeeeeese!

Back to the title of the post (finally. After one whole round. lol). Suddenly the urge to make some lil presents for my lovely buddies struck my mind after seeing some of my coursemates making/buying presents for the same purpose. And when i do these creativity-needed things under 100% willingness, i actually enjoyed the process! Love to cut and paste! Hahaha!


Basic materials. The ex-residents of A203 (and the room of other coursemates). Main reason behind why my room looks like monkey’s den few weeks back.

But they are good materials to play with! After playing with them for few hours, here’re the products:



For my dear buddies, Shir Inn (2nd year), Wil Liam (3rd year), Bee Chin (4th year) and Eunice (5th year). Sorry for neglected you, Edward the co-buddy! XD

Would really love to display their faces here but too bad those photos are not with me. =X Phone camera doesn’t really work well in dim light. Damn! People, if you happened to see any competition offering DSLR as their prize, do INFORM me! Cz that’s the cheapest way to get myself a DSLR (*despo despo*) lol!




For Shir Inn


 For William


For Bee Chin 

DSC03447 DSC03452

For Eunice

See? i sayang you people so much. Bwahaha! =P

10 more minutes to go for class. Argh! Sien. =X


  1. sweet of you lah.... Hehe... Thanks for the present! And hope to 'open both of you more' during the next outings!

  2. how to 'open both of us' more? lol!

    BTW have u found out the meaning of "yan yu"??? XD lol! Sorry la we all damn naughty. XD

  3. "Sorry for neglected you, Edward the co-buddy! XD"
    Haha no need sorry sorry lah
    and dont keep using 'yan yu' attack wil liam
    so bad u

  4. =P i'm not bad. i'm just naughty. bwahaha!

  5. y u gave them such nice souvenir compare to the one u gv me a????!!!!hahaha

  6. My fake buddy!!!! Hahahahaha....

    Yor.. not like this la.. that time not enough time mahhh...but still very sincere one oh.. :)


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