KMK gathering @ MV —Success! :D



The 1st photo i want to show my blog readers is this: The Nasi Lemak from Madam Kwan’s! Very delicious and appetizing! Partly because i was too hungry. Still, it is NICE! YES! FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE. That’s why i introduce the FOOD first! :D :D :D

Ngeh. Kidding la. Of course YOU PEOPLE are more important larh.

So, after sending sms-es here and there, inviting this and that without careful planning (basically, all KMK-ians who is currently around Klang Valley are invited. Thus, there is no fixed number of guests. XD), finally we made this gathering for the ex-students of Kedah Matriculation College a success! Although some of them have meetings or important things to be done, nevertheless, fear not, we have more chance in the future!

I really really reaaaaaallly love meeting up with friends and talking non-stop with them. Me love talking! :D

Initially we planned for a movie but the plan has changed, which brings no harm as it means we have even more time to talk! Since we only did 3 things throughout the short gathering: talk, eat, talk, talk, TALK, walk, stop and talk, walk, stop and talk, TALK, eat, TALK TALK TALK! LOL. We must be the noisiest bunch in Mid Valley for the last Friday night. Weeeeeeee~

Anyway, photo time:


Behind (left): Ade, Xuan Lin, Shu Leng.
Front (right): Fiona, me, Ying Sze.

Awwwwwww~ it feel nice seeing them again.With the exception of Ade and Xuan Lin. I’ve been looking at their face for almost everyday and it is so so so bohhh-riiing~ [OMG don’t punch me in the face. Don’t isolate me in the lecture hall. XD]


With Ying Sze and Fiona, my sisters. Miss Ying Sze so muchhhhhh~ miss the time we go for outings and badminton or even some random stuffs in KMK. Aww.. As for Fiona, HAHA, this time it is a planned meeting with her instead of bumping into her unintentionally and WOOT, discovered something. Hahahaha!

Our long looooooong table. Spent about 2 hours making noise in Madam Kwan’s. Biggest disturbance to other customers. Lalalalala~


Part of the guys, who talk and laugh (on certain topic) as if no one are around. LOL. Damn paixe. Hahahaha!

Not forgetting a group pic after the 2-hour-talking-marathon!

Take 1: ex-KMKians unite! We are like having a class trip to Mid Valley. lol~

Take 2: Blur Ade and Patricia! Hahahaha! So contrasting!


The girls: Patricia, Xuan Lin, Fiona, me, Ying Sze, Adeline, Shu Leng. Me and Ade have been wearing our clothes since 8am till….11pm? Smelly us. =P


The kecoh guys. Lazy to list down the name one by one. XD


Talk talk talk talk talk. Kent Room is very excited indeed. Excited to return to Kelantan? =O

After that, we went for 2nd round: Ice-cream! Since there was some mistake on the bills in Madam Kwan’s and we had extra money AND we didn’t know how to divide it. So, ice-cream time! First at McD with Choc-Top ( Love love love) and next at New Zealand Natural.


Ordered this to be shared. More than RM30 leh. Woah.


Camwhore using Ying Sze’s cam. See? Can fit more people somemore. =P

We became the last customers for New Zealand Natural. Group pic again before we get lost from Mid Valley! :D

Last but not least,


Mission accomplished!

Saje lah want to put another group pic here. =P

Photos credit to Ying Sze!

Awesome meeting-up! I miss KMK moments!

P/s: Time to get back to embryology. Fold here fold there. Tudio!