Half a year.


Half a year. Many thinks that it is short. Some thinks that it is still in an immature state. I think the period is not everything.

First 2 months are spent together. Having lunch, doing revisions, walking around campus, talking to the phone in the breeze, taking photos on the field, walking on the track, criticizing him for not eating chicken, criticizing me for lazy to bathe, etc.

The next 4 months are spent apart. No walking side by side everyday, no enjoying the same breeze, no movies every weekend, no loitering in shopping centres when bored like others will do. We do that occasionally. Like few days in a month? And that’s only we are lucky enough to do so.

I love complaining and harping on certain stuffs A LOT. He is the one who became the rubbish bin whenever i want to throw these “rubbish”. From having pre-examination stress, tight schedule, on-stage fear, reluctance to join sport, everything. And surprising, i did not complain too much about the 300+km between us.

Whenever people asked about it, and i calmly reply “he’s in Penang”, most of them will gave me a pitiful look. I would just give a smile in return. Pitiful? Don’t really think so.

Let just put is as a blessing in disguise.

Being distanced from each other requires even a higher level of trust, tolerance, and understanding. Handphone and laptop are only means of communication. Without them, what are we without trust?

Being distanced makes you think more maturely at times. You do not complain that he spend not much time with you in malls or cinema: you know he want to do so badly too. You do not complain that he did not buy a new blouse for you every week: you know he would be so willing to do so if he has a chance. Your hands are not held together for most of the time, but the distance between heart shortens.

Never got emo regarding this issue? It must be a lie. Who don’t feel anything when you see others having their another half giving them rides to the nearest cinema, catching up the latest movie, having walk in the park, snapping awesome photos together, window shop (or actually shop) in malls, on vacation together frequently? Nevertheless, when things do not happen often, you learn to be even more appreciative. Even a lunch together is so precious because you don’t know what’s the next time you could do the same. Looking back at him in the airport actually tug your heartstring a little. When your palms are together, it makes you wanna cry: you tend to get touched over little thing.

And when both are busy, you even start to appreciate every second on the phone. Once you start a Video call and it actually worked smoothly, you get a little excited. When you bid farewell, you know how reluctant you are. Maybe, you only happen to see his face once in a week, and that’s not even right in front of your eyes. When you chatted animatedly over the phone or laptop and it’s time for him to go, you would start to pout your lips, and deep inside, it feels like a small girl who just accidentally released her balloon into the sky.

Yet, we are just fine. Not a single quarrel in this 6 months. Tears are shed, but not for quarrel. Perhaps, I’m already used to this. Missing you had become a habit until i don’t find it pathetic at all. Listen to your voice over the phone is a daily activity like brushing my teeth or taking my bath. Even you are not national athlete or top student in the whole Malaysia, i’m proud of you and not ashamed to admit your existence.

Our life are getting hectic. I know the time to be spent with each other is going to lessen. Although it is already very little compared with those with another half studying with them in the same Uni/school or staying near with each other; who doesn’t want it? Yet there’s no reason why i want to restrict you from doing your things and spend the only, perhaps, less than 30 minutes in a day with me. I don’t want it to become a burden.

Just let it flow with time without interfering much into each other’s life.

It might sounds like we are not enthusiastic towards each other anymore but of course, it is not. It is just we have different way of managing this instead of sticking to each other like Siamese twins.

I’m not ashamed to say that I Love You.

DSC01856  Happy 1/2 Anniversary. =)

And I’m always appreciative of you.

P/s: post typed one week ago. Currently no slot in my 24hours for blogging! >o< Gambate Tee Yi Ting, you are going to overcome all these shortly! Go!!!