Hair evolution.

Once upon a time during one of the major festive season of all the Chinese all around the world in the wonderful month of February…. (in short, Chinese New Year. =.=), the blogger went to have a haircut and thanks to the peculiar idea she suggested to her hairstylist, she got the weirdest hairstyle in her life and her friend start to call her sotong occasionally. LOL. 


And this is how sotong looks like. Bushy on top and few strand (really, few tiny strand) of hairs on the bottom. Nevertheless, we should try weird things when we are young so that you know the extend of it’s weirdness. LOL.

And then from that day onwards, my wishlish was updated with a new item: hope that my hair can be more normal-looking. LOL!

And it does! After sotong transformed into witch-or-lion-alike-head! Woot!

Picture0001 Messy! @.@ With spoilt end of hairs somemore. wth.

And then one day a lightning struck the blogger on a sunny Sunday and she (finally) decide to go for a haircut (for real) and tada!


After so long, short hair again!

Which look like the blogger before she entered matrics:

ahha007 (2)

After one big round i’m back to the starting point. lol.

However, to tell the truth, actually i still prefer long hair. Ngehee. Although i need to spend more on shampoo and moisturiser but it doesn’t matter at all~! Perhaps the only reason i SUDDENLY have the gut to cut my short AGAIN is that i want all my hair to be long TOGETHER instead of having 2/3 of them to my shoulder length and 1/3 of them dangling at an awkward length over my shoulders. LOL.

So yea, get me some shampoo that can speed up hair-growth (exp those for patients of Yun Nam Haircare or whatever haircare center it is. Thank you very much.) because my little dream to curl my hair has not vanished yet. LOL. I know curling my hair doesn’t seems to be an appealing idea to lazy people like me. Lazy people that ALWAYS forgot to apply hair moisturiser and face moisturiser. Told you i have no image. Aihhhh~

Sorry for the lack of wonderful photo in this post because what you can see is, well, the constipated faces of mine. :D

Enough of the hair talk, Facebook and slacking! Is time to be a real student again. Yikes~