Ups and Downs in This Faculty.

Lots of events, major or minor, had occurred although my first week of lecture is not even over yet. Yet i couldn’t describe them here! Or i will got chop into billion pieces and sent to the factory to become chicken’s food. =X

I can only say, i’m leading the life of ghost for the first few days and became abnormally free now. Soon, i’m turning into ghost again, perhaps for 2 months long? =X

I really couldn’t describe further although my fingers are itchy now. =X

I can’t voice out my opinions here so if you are interested, contact me personally. LOL. Actually my close acquaintance had know a little bit regarding it. Contact me and i will tell! LOL!

Despo weih.

Anyway, emo issues aside, let’s jakun jakun with my faculty, the Faculty of Dentistry in University Malaya. We have 2 faculties here, one new and another with longer history. Lectures, tutorials and Oral Biology Lab are in new fac while some others are conducted in old fac. So yeah, keep walking and burn your calories. Huhu.

Picture-talking time!

DSC02883Locker keys, wardrobe key, room key, entry pass. I’m like a security lady walking around with BUNCH of keys around her neck. lol!


My slides! It is mine!! At least for this year. =P

DSC02852My personal space in the lab in old faculty. Syiok. =P 


Personal microscope. ;)


Nikon somemore. Reminds me of DSLR camera. XD


In my Oral Biology lab waiting for the rest. That explain why everyone inside this photo are Chinese only. lol. We actually have 34 Chinese out of 75 dental students, 17 from the First Residential College and 17 from Second. 11 guys and 23 girls. In chinese we call this phenomenon as 阴盛阳衰. XDDSC02859

My baby teeth~ Oh kay not the set of teeth i use to chew Cadbury chocolate or what (duh..) but a set of teeth given from the Oral Biology lab. Yup, these are mine too. For 1 year, lah. XD

DSC02865 Pasted something on my door to reduce it’s dahsyat-ness. LOL. Colourful eh? Welcome to the ANT’s place! It was so rare that 3 of us were in the room at the same time on yesterday night due to the cancellation (temporary only T.T) of certain activity. Damn rare. lol. So what else? Facebook la. XD


Last but not least, all Chinese for Dental 1st year student 10/11. Not a very clear photo, though. I believe there are better vers. in someone else’s phone. :D

Signing off! Hep B test later! =X