Unbelievable weekend.

I couldn’t believe what i’ve done in the past two days.

Not that I’ve done something so significant or surprising or shaming. LOL. I did things that doesn’t seems to be things done by Tee Yi Ting. You know what that mean?

Basically it means when i know i have fun awaiting me somewhere, i chose to let go of the chance of having fun and chose the more difficult path to travel on. Awwww.. sounds so pathetic. lol.

Well, actually, it was the Minggu Mesra Pelajar of my residential college whereby it provides a great opportunity for juniors and seniors in this 2nd residential college to know each other further. I think that’s a good and beneficial activity afterall. Knowing new people is something enjoyable. Yet, instead of getting myself in such fun, i chose to shut myself in the tiny room of A203 for some more essential and urgent stuffs. I can hear people cheering “Gingerman” (the name of my group) or doing some other cheers but i’m not part of them. Sigh. Guess i really have to learn to let go some stuffs in life, especially things that entertain me, huh? =X

Speaking of “Gingerman” , the group was named so as the theme of this Minggu Mesra Pelajar was Shrek. There are 4 groups, namely Gingerman, Donkey, Dragon, and Puss. I hope i did not mistaken this because i was not involved in the activity for most of the time (and i’m not a fans of Shrek). Huhu.


Characters in Shreks can be found almost everywhere around Dewan Umarak, the place we have our meals. That’s my Gingerman at the basin! :D


Dewan Umarak. Perhaps the best dining place among all the residential college as it is air-conditioned? Got chandelier somemore. XD

Besides spending my suppose-to-be-quite-interesting-but-end-up-to-be-a-bored-one-weekend with my important-things-to-be-done, i have another great accompaniment, who is my roommie, Nadia. Amy was out for some important activities and we could hardly see her around. =( And basically, the only time others can find the shadows of me and Nadia was during meals whereby we actually came down to eat and interacted with other seniors from this residential college. Most of them are pretty funny and friendly. Nadia was even asked to say the greetings in Cantonese when she was actually not good with it. Haha!

And, oh, i would really love to curse the water from water cooler in this residential college: It’s like drugs and poisons! Oh my~ Ignorant me. I’ve drank those water for almost 2 weeks without knowing that it was actually not advisable to consume those water of unknown source. Seniors advised us to purchase water from the RO machine instead. And now, THANKS TO THAT BLOODY WATER COOLER, i’m having my BLOODY coughs again. Gah. Oh kay maybe it was quite unfair to put all blames on that damn water cooler machine but i believe it contributes a little to the reason behind my BLOODY coughs? I DON’T want to lose my voice again. =(

It was always so secured when you have family living near with you. I did not went back to KK this week (will try to go home next week, perhaps. Miss my crazy KK kaki-s already. I want to talk to you guys. =S). Instead, my family paid me a visit and brought me out for a stroll in shopping centres.


Mommy said i looked pale so she bought this for me. Awwwwwwww…… ToT

Do you know how blissful it feels when you are in one of your worst condition, and you met your dearest family members, and you can feel their deepest concern regarding you. Parents insisted to bring me to the doctor although i insisted that i’m just having a normal cough. And they keep trying to fulfil my needs, insisted to get me enough food supply, yada yada yada.  It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry. Quoting a line from Avril Lavigne’s Innocent. lol.

I really love my Daddy and Mommy. T.T

Anyway, a sneak of my lecture hall:DSC02893  The popular place for people to fall asleep because:

  1. The hall is too cold.
  2. The cushioned chairs are too comfortable
  3. The lighting is sleepiness-inducing. :D

Of course it is very BAD to sleep during lecture. I will tryyyyy my best not to be those BAD students, larh. ;)

This post might be a bit messed up. I realised i have the tendency to complete something A.S.A.P without considering much about the details (which is, very very bad). Furthermore, i somehow feels my speech freedom is being restricted bit by bit. Complicated society, you know. =X

Signing off. PRAY for better day ahead. PRAY!