The song of University.

I simply relate the word “song” and “university” together in the title so kindly ignore it as it doesn’t make much sense. lol.


within 12 hours I’m turning into a young lady in university. Wow. Unbelievable. Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, here Tee Yi Ting comes. lol.

Hope my room will have good feng shui, and occupied with friendly roommates! So that I’m not the only noisy one. =P

Done packing. Not much thing, lah. I will be leaving 1/4 of my clothes and some of my stuffs home first, and moving them to the hostel on the subsequent week. I have to be cruel enough to separate my soft toys from each other. Might be bringing my Baby Star there first, leaving Mika bear bear and the rest at home. Does this scene looks familiar? Toy Story 3! Hope my soft toys do not sob silently in the dark, thinking I’ve abandoned them. I’m not! I’m just…moving you guys step by step. :D

Andy is going to college!
YiTing is going to university!


P1170650 My stuffs. lalala~

I can’t really “lalala~” in reality. My voice still resemble a toad, or a frog, whichever slimy creature it is.


I can’t sing like a bird. =(

My parents and Deff thought that i’m recovering. I know i should be patient but carrying this weird voice with me for DAYS just doesn’t seems right.

Window Media Player randomly selected Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope” to be played. Which pulled me back into my college memories, whereby i performed this song on stage. Well, it was not a superb performance after all, but i sang something. When i opened my mouth now, intended to do the same, i just…can’t. =S

silence01 Shall i remain silent?

I do not dream to become a popular singer or what, but my voice is something i treasure very much. Singing, or humming song, is a way to express myself. When some random song struck my mind and i found the lyrics cute and meaningful, i would sing along with the beat of the music, silently dedicating the song to my loved ones. Sometimes, when i was down, i listen to emo song, sang with the emo lyrics, and lock myself in my own thoughts. Sometimes, i would just blast my study room with music and sang aloud with the song (esp love to do this after meal. lol). It irritated my brothers a lot but it entertained me, a lot, too. Ha ha ha.

But i can’t do so now.
Feel as if something is missing. =X

I shall not step into any karaoke room until 31Dec2010. =O

I shall stop complaining and pray for a better tomorrow. Gambateh everyone!