Random Chocolate Carving

Bee Boo Bee Boo. Back home after a fortnight and feeling extremely lazy to accomplish any assignments. Sigh. I’m more interested in food than my homeworks!

Well recently i had not been controlling my diet. Is like this second i throw a creamy-yummy cream puff in my mouth, and the next second i’m chewing a crunchy curry puff. Gah. The phenomenon is even more obvious on chocolate-based food. Last Friday, on the way back from old faculty to new faculty, me and Zee Ean randomly stopped by to have a chocolate ice-cream. Later i indulged in Chocolate Indulgence (!!!) of Secret Recipe for it was our coursemate, See Yee’s birthday. And when i reached home and open the fridge, i discovered CHOCOLATE BAR. Poof. All the idea of dieting vanished just like that. I even chose to purchase chocolate milk instead of low-fat milk. Something is very wrong with me!


In fact, something IS very wrong with me. I’ve been bothered by such cough-and-flu-problem for one week and there is no sign of recovery. Later, i was injured externally *Kindly refer to my previous post*. I’ve been taking Chinese traditional medicine, cough mixture, yada yada. My body system is all upside down, seriously. In the nutshell i’m both internally and externally unhealthy, perhaps mentally too. @.@

Frankly speaking i still couldn’t adapt myself completely. All these activities in faculty is turning me into someone with mental illness. Sometimes getting one hour of nap PER DAY is consider blissful, and sometimes i have the time to sleep like a log for bloody 10 HOURS PER DAY. Assignments are pilling up and i’m still feeling lost, blur, and helpless. Everyday we are being ignored but we have to continue smiling. The most absurd thing of all is even during our free time, our freedom was somewhat limited. I had witness friend receiving taunting and screaming just because she was spotted in Times Square during weekend. What’s wrong with shopping in Times Square during weekend, right? Yet she got teased from the particular party. So tell me, what is freedom? Even when we are in our best attire taking a stroll in shopping centre, hoping to get some rest from this complicated surrounding we are living in now, we STILL have to be careful. It’s so tiring. Ever since i stepped into university i realised the world has become even more complicated for me. You don’t know whether the person standing next to you is your friend or enemy. You don’t know who should you entrust your words to. Even when i randomly have some idea to do some cranky stuff, i don’t know who can i get as a companion.

That explains why i miss my KK buddies so much, sometimes. When we are together, i need not to worry so much. For i know what they think of me, i know what should i say, i can become my entire self in front of them. I can laugh as much as i want, cry as bad as i can. When i want to do some random naughty stuff, they are here for me. When i have problems to share with, i know they are always here for me, listen to me. I feel secured, and that kinda security is not something i can find easily in new environment i’m living in now.

KK kaki, i love all of you to the max. =)

Finally get to webcam with Deff after a fortnight! Probably gonna stay this way for long since i think i’ll only go home once in a fortnight. UM have wi-fi for sure, but is of the speed that it is impossible to download a song. Gah. So, do you think it is possible to webcam? o.O So my handphone became a very very VERY important communication device. Hoho.

Well anyway, some photo as a beautiful ending of this lengthy post:


During physio lab. That device became my mirror to camwhore in that tiny space. O.o Do you know that it was somewhat IMPOSSIBLE to camwhore with my tight timetable? lol. Anyway that’s the machine to measure absorbance on the right. :)


One of my coursemate, Eng Hong’s blood. XD


Exhibition in Dewan Umarak of my residential college regarding various clubs and society. I joined the ICT club with is more club-based instead of project-based. Something related to Photoshop and multimedia? :D Initially i was torn between joining ICT of MMK(something related to creativity eg poster making, photography, etc.), but i guess i can be a member of ICT club and join the competition organised by MMK? :D

DSC02947Some huge decoration from the Chess club.

Ok larh, guess is the time to REALLY sign off and force some energy out to complete assignments. Sigh sigh!