Penang Trip: Star Cruise + Camping!

Is photo-talking time again!!! Since i am currently lack of time + energy for detailed explanations. Yet i guess everyone loves photo, right? =P

So yeah, my wish to visit Penang for one last time before i got into Uni finally been fulfilled. So grateful. =)

DSC01524  My personal driver HAHAHAHAHA!

Visited USM Penang campus for fun before we gathered with the rest. Personally i think USM has a better environment than UM. At least it doesn’t look that old! Hahah~ and the trees looks well planted (?!). Hope it really turn out to be a nice place for Deff and my other friends in their future. =)

DSC01540Taken before we checked in for the Star Cruise. Our ship behind!


Another view of the Star Cruise!

DSC01551 DSC01552

Random photos taken when i was jakun-ing around. Haha! They have buffet restaurants, shops, swimming pool, pub, karaoke-room, mini cinema, etc. And on top of all, casino. And the guard in front doubted my age. Gah. When all of us intended to get in, he further asked for my age after he checked my pass. I’m 19! 19 19 19! Do i really look like 15? =P

DSC01557 DSC01558Dinner time! The guys and the girls. We are one of the undoubtedly noisiest table over there, thanks to the ice-cream-cold jokes from the guys. LOL!

 DSC01582 DSC01580 

More jakun-ing in the lift and it’s button located on a pole instead of the wall of lift. XD


The pool but too bad (so so bad!) it was closed! =(

DSC01591 Pisces, the name of our Star Cruise. Taken during my fav activity: enjoying the sea breeze!!! Wow it was so cooling and it was blowing my skirt wth wth wth. Just get a chair, sit down there, and enjoy the breeze till you catch a cold. LOL~

DSC01604 Live Band Performance.


After the live band performance my friends were all dragged to the stage for line dancing. @.@ I managed to escape by sticking my butt tight to the chair. Besides, i was wearing skirt, mah. So it was my pleasure to record their funny movements on my phone! Haha! Got you all!

 DSC01626 DSC01627

More random photos taken while me and Deff went to explore the whole cruise. Running in a moving ship sounds like a good idea right? XD


Last venue before i lose my voice almost completely: The K-room. Oh god. Mentioning about my voice, i couldn’t help not to be worried. Yikes. Few days back, i thought i was ok. So iced cendol and ice-kacang was in my Must-Eat list when i came here. I thought i was so OK, i actually went into the k-room of the cruise and hurt my voice box so badly before it was fully recovered. So, GREAT, now i had lost my voice almost completely, i couldn’t talk loud, i had reduced talking (do you know how torturous itzit when you have whole stomach of words to spit ‘em out but you can only whisper out a few lines? gah.), and to make the matter worst, CAN’T SING AT ALL. Sigh. Depressing sial ok. =(

Oh fine. Skip this.


My identification card throughout the about 12-hour-journey.


The dance floor that drove us mad from 1-2am. We were so energetic. Wohoo!


Sun rise after my 2-or-3-hours-nap. Never mind, it worth. Couldn’t really slept well actually due to the bloody cough. Yikes!


Messy hair HOHOHO.

DSC01664 DSC01667

Some last shoots before leaving at 10a.m. on the following morning. Oh, i realised i really do look a lil bit like a small girl in the photo with Deff. lol!


Not forgetting a group pic!
Guys: (from left) Deff, Cheng Tat, Chuen Wah, Chong Wei, Jimmy, Kok Ping
Girls: Wai Cheng, Su Phing, Su Fang (Su Phing’s sis) and me [semangat KMK! KMK CNY shirt on me! Woo~ XD)

Coming up next, preparation for the next activity: Camping!


Grocery Shopping at Perangi Mall. 3 super long rolls of breads. Which were badly distorted by Yours Truly at the end of the trip as i was squashing  carrying these babies in my comfortable black bag. So don’t blame me! :D :D :D

Our initial plan to camp at Pantai Kerachut has to be cancelled due to booking problem. Leaving with 2 more options left, the gang decided to go to Sungai Tukun which was claimed to have better facilities.DSC01689 DSC01692



The gang thought that it was not adventurous enough (since it was only 15 minute walk from our initial position) so after a voting with the result of 6:6 (lol), we decided to trek for another 2 hours to the next destination: Monkey Beach. A very high-spirited bunch of teens, indeed. Hoho.

DSC02754On the way up. With shoes almost got stuck between rocks, my knee got scratched by the rock, and most interesting thing of all, we got attacked by our cousin: MONKEY. LOL. The monkey jumped down from the tree, attacking our plastic bags, so we had no choice but to go as fast as possible to get rid of the creature. @.@

DSC01704 DSC01707

Finally, reached the destination: Monkey Beach! In my opinion it should be more appropriately named as “Mosquito Beach”. ~.~


Camping at the beach for the first time. Definitely a different experience. Encountered numerous problems. Had some problem with the tents so some of us end up sleeping directly on the sand instead of in the tent. It was so hot and almost everyone was attacked by mosquitoes. Jimmy was kind enough (ahem!) to become the inspector and his job was to kill the mosquitoes which land on people’s leg. LOL. And because of this my feet got hit by him for more than 10 times but it actually didn’t made much difference. I still had red rashes over my feet but surprisingly they are not itchy at all. LOL.

We could hardly sleep throughout the night because we had to be alert of the approaching tide. We, too had to keep an eye on the sky for the pouring rain. Woke up twice by the rain weih. @.@

DSC01735Part of our dinner: Spaghetti. Wow.  Have you ever seen people having spaghetti for camping? We had baked beans with vege (o.O), fried eggs, sausage..etc. Credits to the chefs like Wei Jie and Steve. XD

The night was spent doing all sorts of weird things like animal discoveries. LOL. The left was the first crabby dug out by us from it’s hole, while the on the the right was the hermit crab. Much more interesting sight by the beach at night. Crabbies everywhere. My gosh.


Finally the morning arrived! I guess everyone couldn’t wait to leave the mosquitoes’ den. Haha!


Sleeping outside the tent. Woo~

DSC02780Group pic again!
Guys, from left: Deff, Wei Jie, Jimmy, Chuen Wah, Steve, Chong Wei.
Girls, from left: Me, Su Fang, Su Phing, Janet, Wai Cheng, Seow Yeen

Went for more jalan-jalan around Penang before dismiss. Went to some temple after bathing at Seow Yeen’s place. I left my beloved sweater there! Was so down when i couldn’t find it. Luckily it was back to me at last! Felt so thankful to Seow Yeen, Su Phing and Deff. =) DSC01794

At one of the temple. =)


I want this but i couldn’t take cold drinks! =(

Guess that’s my brief description for the time being. Have not pack for Uni yet OMG OMG OMG! Torturous orientation month ahead. Yes? No?

I’m still feeling very blur after eating and bathing. @.@ And this explains some of my weird structure of sentence in this blog post. WAKE UP YI TING! @.@