Orientation Week @ UM

I’m back to the blogsphere after one whole week! *roll tears*

Fate brought me to the 2nd residential college of UM and met with the awesome bunch of PM (Pembantu Mahasiswa) and new friends. During the grouping, i was being placed in Sel 14 and made acquaintance with new friends like Jessica and Pei Fen. Wohoo~ Thanks both of you, especially. You guys alleviated my boredom to a great extend. XD

Before i jump into the activities (which i cant possibly discuss them in much details thanks to my Alzheimer’s disease HAHAHA), let me explain the kedahsyatan of my new room. =.=


The corridor. The first thing on the left is the toilet. A special toilet, indeed. Because you get to see something that shouldn’t exist in ladies. LOL. 10 or 20 years back, it was a guy’s block. I would really love to take a photo of that special toilet but i can’t with people constantly moving in and out. Or else i might be mistaken as a pervert uncle in disguise. XD


Door of my room. Kedahsyatan separuh terselah (=.=) I shall do something to the door so that it looks more like a room of Tee Yi Ting. HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

DSC02837A203 rocks! The residents consisted of Miss Tee, Miss Nadia Chong and Miss Amy Ling who are of almost the same height. lol. And if you notice (well, i’m the ONLY one who notice), our initials (A for Amy, N for Nadia, T for Ting) form the word “ANT”. So, we are literally living in ANT’s nest. Yeah~ lets use our ANT power to fight against the monkeys in UM. @.@  Yeah, there is the existence of this creature called monkey in UM. Seniors said these smart monkeys steal phone and love to eat Maggi. Gah.


Kedahsyatan terselah sepenuhnya! LOL! Taken from the door. The size is about half of my room in KMK. And the furniture in KMK is probably the grandchildren of the furniture here. So basically it explains my “O_O” expression when i first swung open the door. It made me blurted the line “oh my. i miss my KMK room SO MUCH” on the spot. Gah!

But when you are sleepy, every bed is a heaven. @.@


Beds. Mine is the single bed. ;)


Study corner. L-shaped table. Mine is the one on the left, located nearest to my bed so that i can continue my habit in KMK: throw books on my bed. ><


Wardrobe. Half of the width of that in KMK. Huhu. Yet we have 3 mirrors! Maybe the idea of placing 3 mirrors is because certain guys tend to spend 15 minutes touching their hairs but making nil difference. =.=DSC02843 The shaky cupboard. @.@


More close-ups for my corner. I do notice the kedahsyatan of my notice board. lol. Something MUST be done!

Moving on to the brief description of activities (why do i have to sound so formal. gah.) Overall there are talks, talks, and more talks, signifying the perfect period to sleep (peace). Although the sleeping time was better than my expectation (we slept at 12 and woke up at 5. I was expecting to sleep at 2 and waking up at 4. This is mad.), I was, still, in a constant-half-conscious-state. Gah! Bed is my heaven indeed~ yeah~

PMs too taught us some cheers, movements, etc. intending to make everyone lose their voice. Haha! Yet it is fun seeing everyone being so high-spirited especially on the last few days. Secholian rocks! (P/s: “Secholian” is the way we address ourselves as the residents of 2nd college. It sounds cute. lol. Secholian secholian secholian. XD)


Our air-conditioned hall+eating place in our residential college. Venue for most of the events.

Not forgetting one of my most memorable involvement during this week: choir competition! Jessica (a.k.a Wai Sin)  became conductor for the first time in her life despite her aching leg. Bravo to you! You did a great job. ;) Similarly to all the choir members! That day was also the birthday of one of our PM, Kak Anne. When we finished our performance with the best spirit, she actually cried under the stage. Awwww~ At last we managed to get her a birthday present by grabbing a 2nd place in the competition. ;D


The gang of Sejahtera Malaysia. From left: Zi En, Pei Fen, Nadia rommie, Sha Li and Amy rommie~ one of the rare-with-human-in-it-photo because i was not suppose to use my phone! =X

Speaking of phone, the PMs actually decided to keep our valuable belongings including handphone for the whole Orientation Week and being a very, very naughty one, i hid my phone from being kept. Gah. Yet when they spotcheck the room in one early morning, i have no choice but to surrender my dearest c510 and my sexy red lappy. @.@ HOWEVER THEY DECIDED TO RETURN OUR STUFFS ON THE NEXT DAY! ;) ;) ;) Notice how this device called handphone is important to me. XD

Regarding the food, i actually think that it is better than that of KMK. Maybe because…. it was 10-20% less oily? And i love the teh tarik every morning. Bwahaha! I’ve been using my own bare hands to eat for the whole week (it was one of the rules). Unbelievable. O_O


The big hall of UM, or we call it DTC (Dewan Tunku Chanselor). When i took this photo i was sitting at an extremely feng shui position whereby i have no choice but to open my eyes as wide as possible throughout the programme. How is that possible to sleep when you are sitting at the 3rd row from the front??? How torturous. @.@


Another view of the hall. Big, air-condition, perfect for sleeping. Peace.

The PMs were awesome people. Helpful, funny, and freaking good acter + actress. Live show that made juniors shed their tears! Despite all the dramas, i still want to thank all of them! For detailed explanation on the drama, kindly…ask my close acquaintance because i have been repeating the same story for n times! When i was finally FREE today, i spoke to almost 10 person over the phone as if the phone calls are free: Mom, Dad, Shaunie, Deff, Hui Yi, Peh Ge, EJ, Ying Sze, Sheen Yeen, Hui En. Wohoo! My brainie is gotta get cooked soon. =P

As for my course, Dentistry, there are overall 73 people for my batch with about half of it are Chinese. We are using the new faculty which is about 5-10minutes from my residential college. The orientation month in faculty starting soon! omg omg omg omg omg omg. Hope everything won’t be too bad. Dentistry and Medicine are well-known with ragging cases. T.T

Bye world. Reporting this from Kota Kemuning. Leaving home soon! =(

P/s: Congrats to my dearest Shaunie who managed to get a Band 6 in MUET! OMGly awesome! The only Band6 scorer in her school! I’m so proud of you, girl! Congrats to Mandy for be able to change to the pharmacy programme in IMU. All the best! We are all still in Selangor. Wahaha!