Lab Moments

Sajalah tangan gatal. Had been a cry baby these few days. I guess both of my parents and Deff had wasted 10 bucket of saliva to calm this abnormal heart of mine. If i’m still not OK i think i have no reason to oppose if 3 of them decided to whack me with a 100ton big trunk or what. Of course i know they won’t la, anyway.

Generally my life SUCKS over here. =S

On the way of turning back into an optimistic person. Have i mentioned that i’m someone which is optimistic when i first encounter with problem and become a pessimist later on? So i’m the latter now. Switch back to my initial mode? Trying to.

But that particular word still can make my heart skip a beat. =S

And now i sounds like that black sheep but i’m NOT! Ugh, whatever. Thinking of that matter is headache-inducing. Ugh ugh.

Anyway, photo spamming time:DSC02968 
Never knew i would need this after my SPM in UNIVERSITY. Wow. Thanks to the subject Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia Tenggara (TITAS). o.O The lecturer is interesting, anyway. :D

Tiny working and sleeping place peek-a-boo. I need more space, seriously. Small space = increased pek-cek-ness.

Went for some activity organised by UM Buddist Society. Interesting performance! ;)


Saje nak tangkap gambar ni. Do think 100 times before you step in here officially.

Anatomy lab time= Doodling-time….not! I brought my colour pencils for doodling purpose. Never knew they have time to express themselves for serious purpose. LOL.


In the lab, with lecturer showing slides under microscope. The lecturer is not in the lab itself, anyway. Instead, he/she will be hiding somewhere and spy us with this:DSC03004copy


And i must be one the the most FORTUNATE student for I was arranged to sit at the position which so ngam, the most prominent person from the CCTV. The evidence?

DSC03005copyOh that’s me. Say hi! =.=

Guess what? Last week i SLEPT right IN FRONT of that CCTV because i was really too tired (due to ahem ahem). And the consequence? 2 whole lab of people know i was sleeping and the lecturer actually mentioned me. Gah. Yet i was not dead, since i told her i was not feeling well (and it was not a bad excuse because i was and i AM not feeling well now! =S). And she didn’t slaughter me on the spot. Phew… 

DSC03002We are suppose to respond to the lecturer through this microphone and who is the one who will do the talking? The person who sit nearest to it and who else? Me la. =.= DSC03015

In my baby sweater in the lab with my microscope! I wear that to almost everywhere unless i’m walking under the scorching sun. Because it is so cold in almost everywhere: from the lecture hall BUA, seminar room, library, computer lab, oral biology lab, anatomy+physio lab.. everywhere is air-conditioned. LOL. Not a bad thing afterall. But must conserve electricity a bit also mah. =P

DSC03021 In Oral Biology Lab. Lecturer showing teeth (note the projector! :D) under some camera. Guess one of the reason to keep me holding on to this course is i love Oral Biology! Partly because of the lecturer who is very very very very nice to us (:D) and it is fun to recognise teeth! Although it killed and is still killing my brain cells by a little. XD

DSC03031 copy

Saja nak letak gambar ini also. Cuz i think the name “Tubercle of Zuckerkandl” is so cute. LOL! Found on deciduous 1st maxillary and 1st mandibular only so observe your younger bro/sis/cousin teeth now! XD

Life is getting more and more hectic in Uni. Who is the one who told me “matrics is the worse phase in your life, after you overcome it, you would be OK!” ? Now i want to punch that person in the face already. LOL. I’m missing my life in matrics god-damn-much. Miss my random crazy moments with Ying Sze and Hui Yi, EJ’s Hotel, birthday celebration among sisters+mommy+ah-mah, studying together with Deff, etc etc. Hoho.

I wonder why there is SO MANY activities for UM students. =.=

Now, the freshies from 2nd Residential College are suppose to organise one Prom Night on 17August. Woah. Another thing to be busy with. I guess the costume wouldn’t be a big problem for me for i’m wearing what i wore in Form5’s prom: The Black Tie’s Affair. Haha! No KK people in 2nd Residential College, anyway. =P

The social life one will become more and more complicated as he/she grows up. Agree?

Off to study lecture slides! Grab every second i have! =)

Tryyyyyyyy to enjoy life no matter how busy you are. Trying lah ok.