Blood sucking moment + KMKians Outing. XD

Do you know why my blog post is always flooded with photos? Because i feel like sharing these fei-fei photos online but i’m too lazy+moodless to upload them on Facebook. So, let them rot here for the moment larh. :D

Physio lab is actually quite fun. This week we get to suck our labmate’s blood (It sounds so wrong. Macam Twilight pulak). The blood is actually needed to test our blood type, haemoglobin level, haemocrit, bla bla bla. Instead of using the lancet that we used during matrics (You know, when you want to poke your friends’ finger with that, you will start screaming “Ahhh~ i don’t dare! i dowan to kill you!” and the wrong method is used and the blood won’t come out. =.=), we used this:

It reminds me how Xiao Le(小乐)’s mommy, Mu Cheng(慕橙) help him to inject 能量水晶!!!! Those who watched Autumn’s Concerto (下一站,幸福) will know. XDDSC03045

Terrence poking Xuan Lin and got scolded by her because he had withdrew 3 tube of her blood but all tube contained air bubble, which is not acceptable. LOL!!! And although Xuan Lin made this screaming expression, she didn’t scream, though. Terrence was the one who screamed a little when we poke him. LOL! *bocor rahsia*

DSC03048I’m O+ ! Phewwwww~ Cuz the result i got during matrics was O-. =.=! O- is one of the most kesian blood group in the world leh.

Blood! WOOT! *jakun face*


   Centrifuge machine~ mine is number 15. Haha!

Not forgetting to camwhore while busy messing around. Wahaha! Cindy Peh Xuan Lin, my dear 4th sis + coursemate + labmate + tutorial mate. LOL. Maybe the only thing was we are not college-mate, nay roommate. Or else, WHOA, perfect. XD

Anyway, since we have a free weekend (which is a very RARE phenomenon, actually), we decided to go for a KMK gathering as the USM peps are having their convo holiday too. 7 out of 8 of us (me, Xuan Lin, Adeline, EJ, Khai Kent, Steve, Kent Room, Lok) are dental students. And 5 of out 8 of us and UM Dental students. LOL!! That’s why i say, it is RARE!

Ade, me, Xuan Lin. KMK sisters in UM Dentistry! The 8th, 10th and 4th. :D

This time with the 2nd, EJ~! KMK dental sisters! But Peh Ge wasn’t here as i heard they have something to do in UKM. Sigh. Or else it would be a perfect group pic.


My camwhore skill is still good afterall. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s doughnut from Krispy Kreme in Ade’s hand. I bought one too. Still prefer J Co and Big Apple, anyway. :D


Deng deng~! More camwhore. LOL! Miss EJ siao poh so much. Glad to see her. Ying Sze! Where are you! Ahh!

Really love such kind of gathering. Get to sit down and exchange experience from different Uni and course. Don’t you guys love this! Really really reaaaaallly hope we can have such gathering in future? Maybe, once in a month? This time with all from UM, UKM, or even UPM (I HAVE A BIG NEWS FROM UPM ASK ME PERSONALLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED BWAHAHAHAHA). KMKians lets go out when we are less hectic (if that is possible) in future! Make it a deal. =P

Enough of group camwhore, now is time for syiok sendiri:

Playing with webcam in the room. With my only decorated corner in the room. Gah. Don’t really have the mood (and time) to make major decoration since there is no big wall for me to do that. Ngeh. Aku rindu bilik KMK aku, C1 T1 27.

Oh yea, do i really look old after i come to Uni? I’m not even officially 19 yet! Many people actually said that i don’t look like my passport photo, which was taken 2 years back.


Got so big difference or not oh? Same blouse somemore. LOL.

Anyway i’m conducting experiment now: I have been a bread-and-biscuit-stuffing-machine due to my forever-feels-like-empty-stomach. So if after some time, i did not gain weight although i ate like monster with no exercise at all (if walking to faculty doens’t count), then i can stop calculating calories when i eat/ having Nesvita for dinner. Bwahaha! And i’ll turn into a real Eating Monster. Rwarr!

Saturday is such a day to slack and do nothing productive. So bad weih. =P