34 person, 1 spirit.

I am talking about my course-mate but i doubt they read this larh, anyway. The O-thing had just continued and what am i doing here? I’m suppose to finish my task! omg omg omg! @.@

Well anyway, if any of my course-mate happened to read this, just wanna tell you guys:


However tough our live will be in, perhaps, the next 3 weeks, you are not alone, and you have 33 more person, experiencing the same thing, encountering the same problem, sleeping during lecture, etc. You are NOT alone! Try to view every obstacle positively, hypnotize yourself continuously that the obstacles come with good intention, and is a challenge to make us stronger. When you feel weak, think of another 33 of us. We can go through this.

Everyone GAMBATE! ;)

Although i also don’t know how long i can hold on to this principle of mine. Gah.

Task-accomplishing time. Tata for now!