The White Day- Girl Sleepover + Photoshoot! :)


Do forgive me. This is what people do when he/she only slept for 3 hours on the night before AND refuse to sleep earlier on the following day. XD

So, once upon a time, there was this gang of crazy women came out with the brilliant idea of having sleepover at one person’s house, and thanks to one of the crazy women called Mandy, their dreams comes true!


Silly photos which i did not upload on Facebook. That’s what happened when you are around with people with constant supply of weird ideas. Peace!

Watched Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) and the CD of CNY celebration in KMK before we started the most important event of the night: TALK! Well, it was pretty amazing that after a year, we have this opportunity to chew the fat (lol) in a air-conditioned room, with everyone giggling and had heart-to-heart talk under the same blanket, exchanging point of view on certain things that have not struck us back in high school, etc... I felt that all of us has grown up. Our thoughts has been mellowed by experiences and acquaintance we made after we were separated from each other. In a whole, i really LOVE chatting with these bunch of old buddies. Shaunie Ng, Chew Sheen Yeen, Mandy Chong, Tan Peh Ge! Big kiss for you all. lol!

Back in Standard 3 or 4, i bet none of us can ever predict that we would have this day talking in this way. 10 years back, Mandy’s room is a spot for party, whereby they took out their Barbie dolls (YEAP, THEY, I don’t play with Barbie dolls. XD), doing childish things, or even bully me (huhu.). And after 10 years, what is our topic of discussion? Well, girl’s secret. :P

On the following day we are off to another destination for my long-anticipated activity: Photoshoot! Well, obviously i don’t have angelic face or sexy S-shape body figure which is a criteria for a perfect model, but who cares? Girls just wanna have fun. :D

The serious ones first! More available here.


#1: Lakeside in the morning.



DSCF9421 #3. True colours. XD


#4: Mandy’s idea!


#5: Oh-kay i know this is sort of.. wild. HAHA! Yet it is just so cute. XD


#6. i LOVE the sunlight!


#7: Looks like girls band? Wahaha.. *syiok sendiri*



Here’s the random ones:


Shoes and Shadow.


Shaunie’s model shot. XD


You don’t see me. You only see that glimpse of light. lol.


I love this cz it is natural. :D

DSCF9416 Everytime i look at this i feel like laughing. ><!! Introduce to you, our loyal photographer Mr.Jacky. XD


Sheen Yeen says: "You can’t blame me for yawning because we slept at freaking 3+a.m. and woke up at 7!”


Nikon vs Fujitsu.

Picture0002Picture0003 Picture0004Picture0005

Last but not least, let’s end our excursion with weird webcam photos. Bwahahaha!

Loveeeeee you guys. I’m not sick of looking at those photos repeatedly. whee~


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