Two is better than one~

Gotcha! This song is nice but i’m not going to describe how sweet it is. LOL. I’m going to announce TWO good news and, umm, ONE bad news (for me only. ><) So overall, TWO good news are better than ONE bad news right?

Great, what am i crapping.


Good News #1:

I got accepted to University of Malaya! With the course of dentistry. :) :) :) And i gotta look at Xuan Lin’s face for another 5 years (4th jie, lets diet together. @.@) Haha! Anyone else got UM Dentistry? =D

The result should be out on 19th, anyway. Hmm, so is this result trustable? :P

Good News #2:

I’m given the permission to go to Penang! Woot! :D :D :D For the time being I’m waiting to settle the transport issue. Hehe.

And the Bad News #1:

sick-elephant I’m sick. :(

Flu + Uncomfortable throat + Dizzy. Symptoms to fever. Oh no! Result of overexposure under Redang’s sun and minimal intake of H2O. Blame myself.

I’m still going for dim sum breakfast with KK kaki-s tomorrow, anyway. I don’t care lah!


Anyway, I love the comment bubble at the post title. Hehe. So if you guys have long comments, kindly place them in the comment section instead of c-box ya. It would be nice reading your comments after 10 years from now. If you left them in the c-box, i couldn’t track ‘em back. :S

Tata For Now. Patient need some rest. :S