Tukang Kasut vs Tupai.

Don’t get deceived by the title. That two objects are not related. Well, not directly.

So this was my dream:

I was in a car with my friends, my friend (i forgot who) was speeding and we were intended to go into another world (You know, like in those movie, you got sucked into some black mass of clouds and got to another land?!). Instead of  a black mass of clouds, we flew through a train which is moving rapidly from our right to the left. And tada! We are in another land, GOT CAR PARK SOMEMORE (WTH). So, me and my friends was taking a little stroll around somewhere until..

(ahha! the climax)

I received an SMS saying i got accepted into UKM (if not mistaken) for Diploma in Pertukangan Kasut.)

Yeah, you read that right,


I guessed i was pretty calm in my dream. But with my conscious mind now, i know it make no sense, AT ALL. Since when you need to go to university in order to become a TUKANG KASUT?!?!?! Give me a name like “Shoes Designer” like Jimmy Choo or something, instead of……tukang kasut?!?!

Maybe i look at too many nice shoes when i went shopping with the rest few days back. So, that explains the weird dream?!

And the story didn’t end there. After getting the sms i got my exam result (no idea why i got exam result AFTER i got the offer to university) and guess what i’ve got? 2A’s, 1B, 1C. WHICH IS REALLY BAD. When i woke up abruptly, my face were covered with tears. T_________T

Is that a bad premonition for the upcoming announcement of Uni intake??? I’m speechless.


Next, is the tupai part.

For KK people, certainly you know what is this:

W2G-Kota-Permai-TN2 Ahha. the golf club’s logo. So apparently, someone curse that pityful 2D squirrel of the logo, turning it to a 3D and a movable one, and out of the thousand houses in Kota Kemuning, it came to my house.

Cut the crap. Just….a squirrel visited my house this morning.

I was reading my newspaper when my mom shrieked at it’s unwelcomed presence. At first I thought it only run around playfully in my living room until my mom told me that this cute creature went to the kitchen and BITED my banana. =.=!DSC00874Seriously, which human will eat a banana like this. Gah. I didn’t know the banana in my house is so attractive until it attracts…squirrels.

Weird dream and weird incident. What a day.

Anyway. Accidentally discovered that people play with this on Facebook so i decided to give it a try.

Me after 30 years?



Anyway, a long update coming soon either tomorrow or on Friday, before my blog is left hibernated for 4 days. Stay tuned!


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