Sticking together.

I’ve been seeing the adorable faces of my high school girlfriends for almost everyday ever since the school holiday has started.

Fri: Yumcha + Meeting up with teachers + Kai Jing’s Bday
Sat: Movie-“Fearless” + pillow talk @ Mandy’s place
Sun: Photoshoot @ lakeside and the haunted playground
Mon: Movie-“Killers” + Shopping @ Sunway Pyramid
Tues: Lunch @ SMC + lepak around shoplots.
Wed: School visiting + Lunch + Swimming.
Fri: ???

Woah! Should have make it till Friday so that i’m fully occupied before i’m off to the Redang Island. :D

Lifeless no more! I’m so happy.


Monday. Sheen Yeen, Hui En and their friend, Shirley went for cheong-K to practise for their coming singing competition finale while the rest (me, Shaunie, Mandy, Peh Ge) went for this movie:


Kinda hilarious. Jokes at the most unexpected moment. LOL. Overall, it was worth watching if you want to have a good laugh. Get to know more from here. I think the webpage is sorta cool! XD

After the movie we went to Asian Avenue for shopping (woot! my favorite place in Sunway Pyramid. LOL) Bought a cute dress from the shop which i bought a blouse from when i visited there with Deff. If not mistaken, i think i had bought three piece of clothes from the same shop since last time till now. Cz i keep getting the same plastic bag. =.=!!

Back home, i was so tired, i actually slept from 8pm (walaowe. ><) to 8am. Cool.


Tuesday. Had lunch date with Yasmin, Shaunie, Sheen Yeen, Peh Ge and Julia. Finally saw Yasmin after.. one year? I think i last met her during the Award-Giving Day back in 2009. Haha! After chit-chatting for awhile, we went loitering around the shops beside the school, thinking back how we spend our time whenever we stayback in school for various activities. We, too, intended to walk into the school in our short pants. And our attempt was an absolute failure. Wahaha. As expected. =.=!! Had some time glancing at our old classroom and playing the interesting scenes of our good old days in our mind. High school. Miss it.


@SMC. Oh that’s my car keys in my palms! Haha! I exchanged the role of passenger and driver with my loyal driver, Miss Chew Sheen Yeen. :)

DSCN0670Since we are not given the permission to go in, i guess it is enough to pose in front of the school like jakun tourist. =.=V


Wednesday. Went for a real school visiting. Others went there with a good intention of taking their certs but that’s not for my case. I just want to take a stroll in school compartment, look at the more and more colourful walls, reminiscing the past like old people. :D


Peh Ge and Shaunie in blue, me and Sheen Yeen in black class tee, Kai Jing and Charlotte (not in photo) in red! I have no idea everyone sorta paired up today. It’s the twins day! Haha!

Went to KFC@Kemuning Utama for lunch afterwards. I actually drove out from KK and me+sy are unhurt! lol. =.=! Saw another primary school teacher at there. Teacher could hardly recognise us anyway.

Swimming at night with Sheen Yeen, Shaunie, and Peh Ge although it was raining. 4 siao poh. Nevertheless, the pool was quite empty, which is very good! Had excessive perspiration in sauna room afterwards. 4 tomato faces. XD


Thursday. Unusually peaceful. LOL. Not entirely lifeless, afterall. Spent half of my day renovating the sidebar of my blog. :)



I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, but since i heard of no plans now, i assume i would be rather free tomorrow. Girls, anything else to be done? Prince of Persia, anyone? XD