Redang Family Vacation!

I’m going to flood this post with PHOTOS, PHOTOS and PHOTOS again. Since i couldn’t remember every single details of the trip. Haha!

Stopped by at Kuala Terengganu for a night. Actually i’d been here few years back and it was so memorable because.. i spoilt my first digital camera here. Gah. Fine, skip this.


Went to the market and these are the local delicacies. The shape obviously resemble your final product of digestion. Eww. These are keropok lekor, anyway, and i'd definitely prefer the normal fried ones over.. these. ~.~


The beach of Terengganu where i spoilt my first digital camera damn damn damn. One of the emptiest beach I’d ever seen. The sunset was nice, anyway. I sense pink. ;P

You know what is the consequence of having parents sleeping in different room from the children? Well, the children, disregarding the age, would start to talk crap and refused to sleep as it was too early. And they would press the remote control of TV repeatedly and aimlessly, watching some TV programme that does not attract them. And, they would start to come out with weird theories like “if your heart is hurt, go to the hospital and get a Heart Plaster”. I salute my youngest bro. Gah.

Headed to the jetty to Redang Island on the following morning. Waited for so long. @.@

(Photos below are not in chronological order.)

DSC01033 DSC00977

Finally! We reached our destination and this is our room. Got “secret chamber” that can accommodate 2 person somemore. I slept there for 2 nights! Luckily i did not knock my head. Well, not gonna happen on people with the height less than 160 cm. Hoho.


Me outside the room and the room key. See? It’s soooooooo sunny. Our room is chalet style anyway, which i prefer too. Personally I’d love to stay in some simple chalet instead of luxurious hotel when i’m on beach vacation. Because i can run in and out freely without having to think much of the presence of sands or salts between my toes. :)


Redang in the afternoon. Do you know when the sea portrays it’s best look? In the afternoon, when the most radiant sunlight shine on you and activate your melanin bit by bit. So that explains my different skin colour tone now. I was trying to minimize the damage by reapplying my sunblock almost once per hour. My brothers thought i was mad. I’m extremely normal oh-kay!

Gotta sacrifice to take nice photos, you know? :P


More beach photos when the sunlight was brightest. Look at the crystal clear sea water! If you were there, you could clearly see the colour changes from light brown, light blue and to the darker shades of blue progressively. Amazingly beautiful.

DSC01062  Emo. HAHA.

P1170468   DSC01113DSC01216

And observe the sand! It was undoubtedly one of the cleanest beach i’d ever set my feet on it. The sand was white, soft, and smooth enough to slip through my fingers. The only thing was, i wonder the reason behind the absence of sea shells. Hmm?

 DSC01198 DSC01205


Sand is made to be a natural art block. Hehe. That was my chibi version on the top left, anyway. The same thing like the logo of this blog. :D

DSC01137 My favourite spot. LOL. Swinging myself to the left and the right while talking over the phone / listening to my favourite song was so relaxing! Well, provided that you are not doing that under the 12pm sun. :)


Want to experience outdoor bathing? This is the purpose of setting up this coconut alike pipes. I’d showered myself in the public (*shriek!*)……in my swimsuit. Haha!


My brothers keh-leh-feh-ing behind. Got them! Woot!

DSC01140 DSC01142DSC01145DSC01180 

The More More Tea Inn, where the shooting of the movie “夏日么么茶" took place. I got my parents took a photo in front of the big love shape. Hoho!


The movie.


Multiple attempts to camwhore with the magnificent sea view which my butt was facing. Since there were no professional photographer, well, i’m just gonna settle by my own. Haha! :P



More camwhore with my life jacket before going for snorkelling, and some not-so-bimbo look. ><!!


Tourist snorkelling. Flooded with tourist, seriously. Dad said “there are more human than fish!” Sort of an exaggeration but there were some element of truth in it. By the way i saw baby sharks!

Nevertheless, frankly speaking, the variety of living organism under the sea of Tioman was more than that of Redang. I’d been snorkelling for 3 times within these two days and the corals and fish were almost the same. Oh, we found some blue corals, brain-like corals, earth-surface-alike corals, pink corals and so on. We, too, found some florescence blue fish, rainbow fish, pointed-mouth fish, huge sea cucumber and huge sea urchin (Echinodermata! @.@) My youngest bro was pretty proud of his discovery of a gigantic fish living in a hole among the corals. We only had a sight on the head and…. well you could imagine the whole body size. I thought it was a stone in the beginning!


Red flag signified that the waves were too strong and it was unsafe to swim, but people still do so anyway. Gah.


These corals are painful-feet-causing!


Keep my favourite photo for the last. I’m loving Redang! Wonderful spot for people dreaming for a relaxing beach vacation. Thumbs up!

Hope i can be here once more with my friends and Deff. This time, we shall:

  • Bring along good DSLR(s) along (The scenery is PERFECT for photoshoot!)
  • Rent the underwater camera.
  • Sit down at the restaurant, listening to the live singing performance (Deff gonna LOVE this).
  • Lie down on the sand in a circle, staring back at the stars.
  • Try the open-air karaoke (Ahha, half of the beach can hear you, so if you are out of pitch, prepare for smelly-egg attack! Haha!).
  • Snorkelling with different bunch of pep (Scenery underwater are almost the same, though. So a 3 days 2 night trip would be enough).
  • Close the eyes, enjoy the cooling sea breeze at night, with different gang of buddies.

As the finishing line:

I need whitening products now. LOL!