Night Market Attack!

To satisfied Miss Mandy Chong's carving for her mutated apam, we decided to attack the night market at OUG (somewhere in KL) to fulfil this little dream of hers. So, 6 teenagers from KK (me, sheen yeen, mandy, peh ge, jacky, hui shen a.k.a. Bobo) drove all the way to OUG for food hunting! Wohoo!

It has been some time since i last visited a night market. Maybe we should do this more often! squeezing with people, eyeing on looks-very-delicious food, jakun here and there.. Oh we love jakun-ing around anyway. :D

Did not simply stuff foods into my mouth due to my terrible cough! Nevertheless, i regard that as a good thing cz i can stay away from over calories-intake :D :D :D

Mandy's long awaited mutated-apam. It is mutated becaue it However, i find it quite nice as it does not taste that sweet and it is healthier. Spot the grains/sesame/whatsoever!

Yet, the mutated apam was not our only target. These bunch of siao siao people hope to torture their respiratory system with this:


Hmmmmm... Let's see what are the reviews of KK kaki-s regarding this delicacie!

That smell really made me wanna puke. Eww. @.@

The stall selling smelly tou fu.

Queuing up for the SMELLY TOU FU! EWW!

Asking me to eat that is like asking me to join Fear Factor, lah. @.@

The girls with their drinks. Need to get some drinks to dilute the smell ligering in their oral cavity. Ewwwwww~

Bought a simple top together with Sheen Yeen and Peh Ge. Sheen Yeen finally bought her Snoopy pillow after thinking for so long. Mandy was startled at the sight of "shaking doll". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And her wig dropped down when she was walking ahead of me. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)x2.

Overall OUG was not bad and we should have more pasar-malam-walk! ;)

2 more days for my throat to heal. I beg you, throaty (?!)